Man’s Best Friend: The Tale of a Sweet Later-Life Crisis

Man’s Best Friend: The Tale of a Sweet Later-Life Crisis

Man’s Best Friend (Le Meilleur ami de l’Homme) is a humorously romantic seven-minute short film by French filmmaker Vincent Mariette, which recently screened at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival and the 2011 CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival. Henri is an aging security worker with a bad case of burnout, who is employed as a canine security guard in a suburban train station. The only joy Henri gets out of his job is the companionship of his only friend and partner at work, an aging rottweiller. Unfortunately, Oedipus has turned narcoleptic and has outlived his usefulness as a security dog.

When Henri is ordered by his younger supervisor to get rid of the dog or face immediate dismissal, he is confronted with a very hard choice. Initially, Henri is unable part with his dog and seeks comfort with a visit to Chantal, a bistro waitress in the train station who has had a crush on him for some time. Finally, when pushed to the brink, even the usually docile drone can muster up the courage to stand up to The Man; even a regular Joe must hold his last piece of ground and protect the small space he has made that has allowed him life.

Man’s Best Friend: The Tale of a Sweet Later-Life Crisis

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