Trigger Happy: An Animated Ballet in Black and White

Trigger Happy is an animated film by Jeff Scher. The experimental animated film was made with hundreds of objects found on the streets and sidewalks of New York. It began as an attempt to make an animated ballet, but as the shooting proceeded the dance turned rowdy, into more of a nocturnal revel. Shot on a lightbox with high-contrast film, the backlight silhouetted the objects, making them into graphic icons of themselves. The resulting film is a negative, which turned the objects white and the background black as asphalt. It makes the dance almost phantasmagoric. Much of the animation happens by the rapid replacement of one object with another. It’s the after-image in your eyes that animates the difference between the shapes, as one is replaced by another, and another, then another.

Trigger Happy: An Animated Ballet in Black and White

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