Dripped: The Inglourious Birth of Radical Abstract Expressionism

Dripped: The Inglourious Birth of Radical Abstract Expressionism

Dripped is a delightful, award-winning animated short film from the French animation film director and designer Léo Verrier, produced through Chez Eddy. Dripped was a selection at over 150 international film festivals and won several awards. The film has just been announced as one of 10 finalists competing for the 2013 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

The narrative in this deliciously well-designed French animation imagines the nature of the artistic muse in a completely new and unusual way. Dripped is a joyful tribute to artists and an homage to renowned abstract painter Jackson Pollock, which shows how a man can take on elements of the fine art that he eats. Set in Manhattan during the early 1950’s, the film tells the story of Jack (Jack the Dripper), a passionate art lover who visits the city’s art museums all day long. Consumed by a desire to absorb the inspiration of his favorite artists, he steals their paintings and…eats them! Finally, finding himself all alone in his apartment after having consumed every painting he has stolen, Jack is left still feeling famished. He ends up trying his hand at creating art with a brush, paint and canvas, yielding totally unexpected results!

Dripped: The Inglourious Birth of Radical Abstract Expressionism

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