Photos of the Evening: Night Tales

In Dark and Mist

Night Watch

Dark Ride Home

The Cemetery


Photos of the Evening: Night Tales

Photography by: Tim Corbeel, Belgium

Night Tales is a stunning series of photographs by the Belgium photographer Tim Corbeel. Taking pictures at night is truly an art; you need to have full control over your camera, equipment and the night itself. Corbeel’s nighttime photographs passionately capture the emotions, atmosphere and beautiful moments of darkness.

Adrian Lux: Can’t Sleep

Slide Show: Night Tales

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Le Grande Bisou: I Just Can’t Sleep When the Sun Goes Down

Le Grande Bisou: I Just Can’t Sleep When the Sun Goes Down

Sweden recently legalized same-sex marriage, and to mark that historic event, Swedish techno-house musician Adrian Lux decided to take a different approach to his new music video for Can’t Sleep. Rather than having the music set to the usual images of “sexually arousing girls in bikinis dancing in front of a green screen-cliché” that you always see in dance music videos, Lux decided to have Can’t Sleep tell a subtle romantic story between two men. In his video, the solitary loneliness of a haunting sleepless night is finally broken by a tender, grande bisou.

Happy Gay Pride Week!

Techno-House Musician Adrian Lux: Can’t Sleep

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I Just Can’t Sleep

Adrian Lux: Can’t Sleep

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