Photos of the Day: The Back of the House

Photos of the Day: The Back of the House

Photography by:  Michael Harlan Turkell, NYC

Back of the House is a behind the scenes look at the world of fine dining by photographer Michael Harlan Turkell.  This collection of photographs reveals restaurants’ often unrecognized subcultures; it presents the artistry, diligence, precision and camaraderie that endures throughout the chaos.

The vivacious celebrity chefs who are prominent in today’s pop culture give the impression that their work merely springs from their own energetic imaginations.  In reality, their product is the work of a large team of people whose efforts and skills too often go unrecognized and unappreciated by both gourmands and the general public.  Turkell’s  project celebrates these people’s hard work and captures perfectly the atmosphere of the back of the house.

Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea Restaurant: Emotionally Enhanced Cooking

Slide Show: The Back of the House

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