Tribute to René: Playing with Reality and Illusion

The Tomb of the Wrestler, 1960

The Treachery of Images, 1928

Two Mysteries, 1966

The Happy Hand, 1953

Memory, 1948

Tribute to René: Playing with Reality and Illusion

Everything we see hides another thing,
We always want to see what is hidden be what we see.

Tribute to René is an animated short art film, a collaborative creation by Box of Toys Audio with flipEvil design studio. The composition is a tribute to the Belgian surrealist artist, René Magritte, which is a bespoke piano piece in and around the dream-like state of the visuals.

Magritte became well known for his paintings that challenged observers’ perceptions of reality and forced viewers to become more sensitive to their surroundings. His works constantly play with reality and illusion, displaying a juxtaposition of ordinary objects in an unusual context and giving new meanings to familiar things.

Tribute to René: Playing with Reality and Illusion

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Photo-Gallery: Tribute to René/Playing with Reality and Illusion

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The World’s Fair Project: The Formerly-Grand Spectacle Sites Today

Paris 1889/1937 Expositions / Eiffel Tower, Trocadero, Palais de Chaillot, 2007 © Jade Doskow

Philadelphia 1876 World’s Fair, “Centennial Exposition,” Memorial Hall, 2008 © Jade Doskow

Brussels 1897, “Exposition Internationale de Bruxelles,” Parc du Cinquentenaire, 2008 © Jade Doskow

Brussels 1958 World Fair, World View: A New Humanism, Atomium at Night, 2008 © Jade Doskow

NY 1964 World’s Fair, “Peace Through Understanding,” NY State Pavilion, 2008 © Jade Doskow

Chicago 1893 World’s Fair, “The Columbian Exposition,” Palace of Fine Arts, 2008 © Jade Doskow

The World’s Fair Project: The Formerly-Grand Spectacle Sites Today

Photography by: Jade Doskow, NYC

The World’s Fair Project is a collection of photographs by Jade Doskow, who received her MFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York. While at the SVA, Doskow received the prestigious Alumni Scholarship Award and has had her work featured in Photo-District News, New York Arts Magazine, and The Visual Arts Journal. The series of photographs includes architectural images taken at World’s Fair sites all over the world, from both the 19th and 20th centuries. Doskow has been tracking down each site, one by one, to see how the once-grand spectacle sites exist today. She was interested in finding out about what happened to the World’s Fair as a concept, as well as in seeing how the old sites and structures are being used presently in their communities.

Doskow found that there has been considerable arbitrariness about how the sites and structures that remain from these large events currently exist in time. Often, the hosting city has used the fair as a purpose to turn an unused part of the city into a public park. Typically, it appeared that little foresight had been given to how the city could possibly afford to maintain these large and often strangely engineered buildings over time. In addition, she found that while the World’s Fair structures were meant to reference “the future,” in the actual future many of them appear poorly maintained, very outdated and quite odd.

The World Columbian Exposition of 1893 (UCLA Visual Simulation)

Chicago’s Columbian Exhibition of 1893: A Postcard Journey

Thomas Edison’s L’ Exposition Universelle de 1900 à Paris

Slide Show: The World’s Fair Project/The Formerly-Grand Spectacle Sites Today

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Photos of the Evening: Night Tales

In Dark and Mist

Night Watch

Dark Ride Home

The Cemetery


Photos of the Evening: Night Tales

Photography by: Tim Corbeel, Belgium

Night Tales is a stunning series of photographs by the Belgium photographer Tim Corbeel. Taking pictures at night is truly an art; you need to have full control over your camera, equipment and the night itself. Corbeel’s nighttime photographs passionately capture the emotions, atmosphere and beautiful moments of darkness.

Adrian Lux: Can’t Sleep

Slide Show: Night Tales

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The Schueberfouer: The Big Funfair

The Schueberfouer: The Big Funfair

The Schueberfouer (The Big Funfair) is a delightful two-minute short film by Vitùc, a film about Luxembourg’s big funfair that’s filled with with beautiful and vibrant colors.  The people of Luxembourg love the Schueberfouer, because it reminds many of them of their childhoods.

The Schueberfouer: The Big Funfair

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Food: The Old Lady’s Ever-Hungry Quackers

Food: The Old Lady’s Ever-Hungry Quackers

Food is a wickedly humorous four-minute animated short film created by Maya Gouby from Belgium, with a musical soundtrack by Baptiste Thiry. The film tells the story of an old lady who come rain, come snow, come hail or sleet, every day makes her twisted way down a lonely road to a small lake in a deserted little park.  Once arriving at the lake, the old woman satisfies her cherished passion for feeding the ever-growing hungry ducks.  But maybe, for all one really knows, her intentions just might be much less noble than they appear to be.

Food: The Old Lady’s Ever-Hungry Quackers

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The Chamber Choir of Namur: Handel’s Messiah Symphony

The Chamber Choir of Namur: Handel’s Messiah Symphony

Belgium’s Chamber Choir of Namur was founded in 1987.  Right from the beginning of its career, the orchestra has performed the major works in the choral repertoire of Georg Frideric Handel, J.S. Bach and Mozart, as well as contemporary works.  The ensemble has appeared at well-known festivals, among them the Abbey of Escaldieu (Pyrénées), the Versailles Festival of Baroque Music, the Festival d’été in Paris, the Arles Festival of Sacred Music, the Walloon and Flanders festivals, the Ars Musica Festival in Brussels, the Concerts Sinfonico-corals of Lerida and the Ambronay Festival.

The Chamber Choir: Handel’s Messiah Symphony

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Chilly Winter Snow Scenes

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