America’s Top 25 “Brainy” Cities

America’s Brainiest Cities

American cities have been ranked by Forbes Magazine to come up with a list of the “smartest” cities in the country, the “best-educated” metropolitan areas. The list, which includes the top 25 “brainy” locations, was determined on the basis of the percentages of people with a high school diploma, percentages of people ages 25 and up with at least a bachelor’s degree, and percentages with a doctoral or professional degree.

The cities on the list have populations that range anywhere from 4 million people down to just 80,000. The common denominator among almost all of them, likely the key to rank placement, is that they’re college or university towns. The presence of post-secondary institutions is the main factor contributing to a number of the smaller locales appearing on the list, such as Ames (IA) or Corvallis (OR), boasting, respectively, 7.23% and 5.62% of their residents with Ph.D.’s. Boulder (CO), Ithaca (NY), Washington, D.C., Cambridge (MA) and Anne Arbor (MI) each claimed top spots in the rankings, in large part because substantial portions of their populations are made up of collegiate residents.

Metropolitan areas on the list that are not necessarily college towns are usually associated with some of country’s biggest high-tech centers, which include cities like San Francisco (CA) and Seattle (WA). There are also locations that tend to attract well-educated people who have the money to pay for high-end real estate.

America’s Top 25 “Smart” Cities

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