Susan Boyle: The Story So Far

Susan Boyle: The Story So Far

The worldwide success of Susan Boyle’s debut album, I Dreamed A Dream, released on November 23rd, is the latest milestone for the Scottish church volunteer from Blackburn, West Lothian.  She stunned audiences with her rendition of I Dreamed A Dream on Britain’s Got Talent.  And even though Susan placed second in the final competition, she won the hearts of fans around the world, including celebrities such as Demi Moore and Elaine Paige.

Susan has had an undoubtedly interesting and busy life since first appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, whether it be becoming an overnight worldwide sensation on YouTube, or traveling to America to perform on the hit television show America’s Got Talent.  In the candid interview presented below, you can now see and hear from the lady herself.

Susan Boyle: The Story So Far

Susan Boyle’s Debut Album: Susan Sings “Wild Horses” on America’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle Sings “Wild Horses” on America’s Got Talent 2009

An Upbeat Susan Boyle Performed Before an Excited Today Show Crowd on Monday

A confident Susan Boyle wowed a large Today Show crowd in Rockefeller Center on Monday, as she performed songs from her hot-selling debut album entitled I Dreamed a Dream.  Before launching into her stirring signature tune, which made her a worldwide phenomenon, the 48-year-old Scottish woman playfully waved her cheery red scarf to the enthusiastic crowd.  Susan’s mini-concert included her bracing version of Mick Jagger’s Wild Horses and I Dreamed a Dream.  She’s come a very long way.  On Thanksgiving night, Susan Boyle will be featured in Matt Lauer’s People of the Year television special.

Susan Boyle sings “Wild Horses” on the Today Show Nov. 23, 2009

Susan Boyle sings “I Dreamed a Dream” on the Today Show Nov. 23, 2009

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Susan’s Back! Susan Boyle Sings on Dancing with the Stars

Susan’s Back! Susan Boyle Sings on Dancing with the Stars

On Tuesday night, Susan Boyle made her American television singing debut in Los Angeles on Dancing with the Stars.  She sang I Dreamed A Dream while Dancing With the Stars professionals Tony Dovolani and Chelsie Hightower danced.

Susan Boyle sings “I Dreamed A Dream” on Dancing with the Stars

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Susan Boyle Delivers a Stunning Performance in “Britain’s Got Talent” Finals

Susan Boyle Delivers a Stunning Performance in “Britain’s Got Talent” Finals

Susan Boyle turned in a triumphantly stunning performance in the finals of the “Britain’s Got Talent” television show on Saturday. Now the 48-year-old singer must wait until later tonight for the results of the public vote to be revealed. The winner will earn a 100,000 pound ($159,000) prize and the chance to perform before Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Variety Show.

Boyle, wearing a sparkling floor-length gown, performed with confidence as she returned to the song that she sang at her first appearance on the show, I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables. Her performance was much more polished and animated than in previous performances. After her performance, Boyle acknowledged she had felt pressure building up in the weeks leading up to the finals. But Simon Cowell told Boyle, “Win or lose, you had the guts to come back here tonight, face your critics and you beat them.”

Susan Boyle Delivers a Stunning Performance in “Britain’s Got Talent” Finals

A video of the final decision for the “Britain’s Got Talent” winner can be viewed here.

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Susan Boyle Sings Memory: Delivers the Performance of Her Life

Susan Boyle, Britain’s Got Talent sensation, delivered the performance of her life in the semi-finals on Sunday 24th May 2009.  She sang Memory from the musical Cats, made famous by Elaine Paige.  Susan won the viewers vote for this heat and will now compete in the finals on Saturday 30th, May 2009.

Even the always ever-so snarky Gawker website had this to say about Susan Boyle today:

At this point, she could cover Sid Vicious covering Sinatra’s My Way, and we’d be there with a YouTube embed, ready to lap it up.  And that’s kind of okay.  Susan Boyle’s one of the few things keeping us all sincere.  What I mean by that is: if you don’t like Susan Boyle, you can go die.  This bitch’s on wheels, and kiss, no kiss, nothing’s getting in her path to the top.  Nothing.”

Susan Boyle Sings Memory: Delivers the Performance of Her Life

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Cheeky Susan Boyle: She Dreams a Dream

Cheeky Susan Boyle: She Dreams a Dream

I Dreamed a Dream (Les Miserables)

The studio audience enjoying Britain’s Got Talent this weekend broke out in laughter when they got their first look at Susan Boyle. The unemployed Scottish woman drew giggles from the judges when she told them her ambition was to be a professional singer. Frumpy, nervous and inching toward late middle age, the dowdy 47 year-old Susan Boyle ended up wowing the judges with her smashing performance in the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent, singing I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. No one’s laughing now, because she’s become a Cinderella Diva!

For now Susan Boyle, the middle-aged church volunteer whose soaring performance turned her into the world’s newest instant celebrity, is trying to catch her breath. “All the attention has been quite an upheaval, and she is quite tired,” Miss Boyle’s brother, John, told reporters on Thursday outside her little cottage in tiny, previously unexciting Blackburn, Scotland. “I have taken her away to let her have some peace and quiet before the next round.”

Read more about Susan Boyle in a wonderful New York Magazine article here.

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An English Lad and His Sparkly, Spangly Baton

An English Lad and His Sparkly, Spangly Baton

There are times when a seemingly unimportant story surprisingly ends up being very emotionally touching, evoking strong feelings of caring warmth. And so it is with the scenario about this English lad, a 2007 contestant on the English television show Britain’s Got Talent. In the first video presented below, a soft-spoken, shy Craig Womersley first appears onstage in a glittering, twinkling costume and bashfully tells the judges that his talent is baton-twirling. Most people would gird themselves to endure and wince at a performance like this, destined to surely turn out to be painfully miserable.

But when one of the judges asks him what his parents think about his baton-twirling, with a quivering voice Craig reveals that he’s been keeping his baton-twirling a secret from his parents for many years. They had long ago forbid him to continue with the baton-twirling. In his family, only his supportive elderly grandmother knows about his baton-twirling (she is in the wings waiting to watch his performance; neither of his parents are present).

When the lad launches into his routine accompanied by the uplifting strains of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, the audience immediately goes absolutely mad, cheering and clapping with excitement. I challenge your heart not to be warmed by the closing scene, in which each of the amazed judges gives a glowing opinion in describing his performance. With the soft strains of James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful piping in the background, Craig tears up with barely concealed joy as each of the judges praises him. They are very touching moments.

The second video presents Craig’s second performance on Britain’s Got Talent a few weeks later. At the beginning of the video, before his performance, Craig breaks down crying when talking about having to keep the thing that has been of greatest importance to him a secret for so many years. Now out of the closet, about his baton-twirling, his parents have come to the show and are in the audience to watch him perform. I refuse to be a spoiler about how all of this turns out. But watch it and perhaps, just maybe you might have a personal experience of touching, tender and heartwarming feelings.

An English Lad Performs with His Sparkly, Spangly Baton

Weeks Later, Craig Once Again Performs His Spangly Baton Twirling

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My Faves for Friday, December 14, 2007

“Photo of the Day: Snow-Garden.” This is a superb, elegant photograph that is presented to you in stunning high-resolution. The photograph is accompanied by a related, delightfully wonderful animated music video, entitled “It’s White Out!!”

I deeply hope that you’ll take a look and enjoy this one!!

[tags: art, design, photograph, animation, video]


“Cumming is Sexy, Manly, Dark and Creamy.” This piece presents terrific, sexy photographs that are displayed for you in wonderful high-resolution. The composition also includes a very sensual (and unexpectedly hilarious) video that is associated with the photographs.

Just take a look and have yourself a good Laugh!!

[tags: art, design, photographs, humor, gay, video, sexy]


The Best of 2007: In the Britain’s Got Talent competition, the opera singing cell-phone salesman gave a brilliant performance of Puccini’s Nessun Dorma, and Paul Potts was proclaimed the winner of the Britain’s Got Talent Grand Finals competition.

This article includes beautiful photographs and three music videos.

[tags: art, music, Paul Potts, Great Britain, opera singer, photographs, videos]


“Photos of the Day: Julian the Stunning French Soccer Guy.” This piece presents extremely attractive and sensual photographs of the very sexy Julian Hans, a member of the French National Soccer Team.

The composition is accompanied by two alluring videos of Julian’s photo-shoots. Enjoy!!

[tags: sexy, gay, art, design, photographs, video, sports, soccer]


“Magical Pipedreams: A Visual-Musical Holiday Delight.” This piece presents colorful photographs, offered to you in high-resolution. In addition, the composition includes a delightful animated ambient music video. Enjoy!!

[tags: art, design, Magical Pipedreams, music, animation, video, animation video, photographs]

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