Karis is Filthy Gorgeous!

Philips Shavers has recently received some congratulations for its thoughtful ad for women’s shavers that stars a Los Angeles male dancer named Karis.  The short advertisement was a break from the ad world’s normal “girlie-men are funny ha, ha, ha” slant.  In a recent interview, Karis was asked about how she identified herself.  Kari replied that, “I’m so comfortable being myself, I’ve just never questioned.  I love the whole androgyny thing, though, if that’s even a category.”  Asked about the ad, Karis said that, “It’s a shame it’ll never air in the States, but thank god for the internet.” Among other performances, Karis previously appeared as the frisky on-stage “hula-hoop dancer” in the Scissor Sisters’ raucus Filthy Gorgeous music video.

Karis: Philips Razer Commercial

Karis Hula-Hoops: The Scissor Sisters’ Filthy Gorgeous

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There’s Just No News Today

There’s Just No News Today

There’s just no news today. The President was cloistered all alone in The Oval Office, so there are no news reports of any shenanigans or misbehaviors on his part. Plus, there were no terrorist attacks in either Europe or the Middle-East. And, sadly, there were no new juicy sex scandals involving government officials, ranging from senators to governors to mayors and city council members.

Private businesses simply closed their doors to all journalists yesterday, no access. Reportedly, most major corporations have agreed to institute a new nationwide rule: if any employee talks to a journalist, his or her job is in jeopardy. So, needless to say, there were no corporate whistle-blowers, neither yesterday nor today.

And, for the first time in decades, there were no news stories about celebrities. Perez Hilton didn’t post a single gossip item today, not a one. Celebrity thingees were going so slow, that it’s rumored Perez took the day off to do some whale impersonations with his bestest buddy Jason “Gummi Bear” Davis (Perez is still trying to get over the loss of his “kissy-kissy” John Mayer) ) at a Malibu beach. Lately, there have been so many unflattering articles about celebrities, ranging from the A-list to D-list celebrities, that public relations representatives would not give interviews with any of their clients yesterday or today. Now there was one celebrity report that was released yesterday, which at first looked as though it might turn out to be a good news story for today. Avant News released the findings of a large-scale, empirically-based study of the trajectory of celebrities and celebrity-hood, which reached the conclusion that in recent years there has been a remarkable rise in short-term celebrity status among citizens from all walks of life.

For the first time, according to our projections,” Dr. K. Phillip Townsend, a statistician at Rutgers University in New Jersey (many might remember Dr. Townsend from his three-week appearance on Fox TV’s Tenured and Untamed last spring), said, “America now has more celebrities than fans.” That trend, which determined that the current celebrity-to-fan ratio (CTFR) is 52:48, is due to multiple factors, including the proliferation of venues for reality television, politics, sporting events, and tabloid news outlets, but even more to do with a substantial “lowering of the bar” that is required for the elevation of an ordinary person to celebrity status, according to Dr. Townsend.

Fans tend to be fiercely loyal to a given celebrity for a period ranging from thirty seconds up to four days,” co-author Dr. Griffith said. “At that point, either the celebrity is deposed by a new, bigger, brighter celebrity, or the fan’s attention span is simply unable to sustain further interest. Either way, the fan moves on and the celebrity is left out in the cold.”

Hoping to wrench a real, headline-grabbing news story out of this research report, entertainment news executives and news anchors made lightning-fast searches to track down one of those “ordinary people” who had suddenly achieved celebrity status and notoriety, hoping to land a blockbuster interview about the experience of newly-found fame, celebrity-hood and notoriety. Finally, they found who they initially thought was the perfect candidate, a Mr. Rupert Ioderm.

Rupert, an unemployed temporary worker, had achieved brief celebrity status yesterday evening during his appearance on Dancing With the Unemployed Temporary Workers on The Lifestyle Television Channel. Mr. Ioderm said that he has been very painfully affected by what he calls “post-crawl depression“, referring to the euphoria that an ephemeral celebrity experiences upon seeing his or her name briefly appear in the news crawl at the bottom of the television screen, only to disappear and never appear there again.

When I saw my name flickering by with the headline ‘Ioderm Wins Dancing With Temps Round 1, Chokes in Runoff’, I thought I’d finally found my calling,” Mr. Ioderm said. “To be famous for having had my name appear in the crawl. Life feels so empty and meaningless now. The crawl is gone. The crawl is gone away.”

So Rupert Ioderm is really old news, not News for Now, News for Today. He’s just one more example of “Just No News Today.” However, Mr. Ioderm will be appearing next month on Losers in the News and on Dancing with the Temps: A Retrospective, both of which will air on The E-Network. Now, if reporters (maybe like from Gawker or TMZ) can just manage to catch up with him quickly enough, maybe he’ll be news then. We’ll just have to wait and see.

But for now, while the bulk of our print and TV news is usually chock-full of local crimes, stupid celebrity news, just pain old silly stories, weather, sports, and consumer information (with randomly partisan narcissistic pundits giving their smarty-pants spins about government, elections and economic issues…Hello, Andrew Sullivan…), today there was absolutely nothing to report. There was just No News Today.

Just No News Today

The Beatles: A Day in the Life

I Read the News Today…Oh Boy…

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America’s Top 25 “Brainy” Cities

America’s Brainiest Cities

American cities have been ranked by Forbes Magazine to come up with a list of the “smartest” cities in the country, the “best-educated” metropolitan areas. The list, which includes the top 25 “brainy” locations, was determined on the basis of the percentages of people with a high school diploma, percentages of people ages 25 and up with at least a bachelor’s degree, and percentages with a doctoral or professional degree.

The cities on the list have populations that range anywhere from 4 million people down to just 80,000. The common denominator among almost all of them, likely the key to rank placement, is that they’re college or university towns. The presence of post-secondary institutions is the main factor contributing to a number of the smaller locales appearing on the list, such as Ames (IA) or Corvallis (OR), boasting, respectively, 7.23% and 5.62% of their residents with Ph.D.’s. Boulder (CO), Ithaca (NY), Washington, D.C., Cambridge (MA) and Anne Arbor (MI) each claimed top spots in the rankings, in large part because substantial portions of their populations are made up of collegiate residents.

Metropolitan areas on the list that are not necessarily college towns are usually associated with some of country’s biggest high-tech centers, which include cities like San Francisco (CA) and Seattle (WA). There are also locations that tend to attract well-educated people who have the money to pay for high-end real estate.

America’s Top 25 “Smart” Cities

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