A Micro-EPIC Series: The Cute, Monstrous and Maniacal Kitteh-Kitteh

A Micro-EPIC Series: The Cute, Monstrous and Maniacal Kitteh-Kitteh

The Tail Gunner and Catzilla are the first two installments of “The Micro-EPIC Kitteh-Kitteh Series” created by the stupendously awesome London-based Tokyoplastic animation group.  The founding members of the group were terrified of televisions and computers until divine intervention exposed them to the joy of internet porn, which fortuitously blasted the doors of their brilliant minds wide open and led them to father Tokyoplastic.  The Kitteh-Kitteh Series has so far been twelve years in the making and it’s pretty much as good as Avatar, although considerably shorter.  The two wickedly riotous fifty-second animated short films unveil what kinds of dark and sordid events might actually be unfolding inside our sweet-looking little kitty’s headspace during those innocent kitten-naps.  Oh my, it seems that our adorable, cuddly little kitty-kitty might just be secretly harboring some very grotesque and maniacal monsters!

The Tail Gunner: A Monstrous and Grotesque Kitteh-Kitteh

Catzilla: The Terrifying, Monstrous and Maniacal Kitteh-Godzilla

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