Eve Arnold, Legendary Photographer of Illuminating Images, Dies at 99

All About Eve: The Photography of Eve Arnold

Eve Arnold, who came to be regarded as a grande dame of postwar photojournalism for her bold, revealing images of subjects as diverse as Marilyn Monroe and migratory potato pickers, died on Wednesday in London at the age of 99. Born in Philadelphia on April 21, 1912, Ms. Arnold had lived in Great Britain since 1961.

Her death was announced by Magnum Photos, the photography cooperative to which she had belonged for more than a half-century. She was among the first women Magnum hired to make pictures. Ms. Arnold was a leading light in what is considered to be the golden age of news photography, when magazines like Life and Look commanded attention with big, arresting pictures provided by photographers who included Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gordon Parks, Robert Capa and Margaret Bourke-White.

Acclaimed for capturing celebrities in intimate moments after winning their trust, Ms. Arnold developed a particular rapport with Marilyn Monroe, the subject of a book of Arnold photographs. Foreshadowing the celebrity portfolios of photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Ms. Arnold captured Joan Crawford squirming into a girdle, Malcolm X collecting fistfuls of dollars at a rally in Washington and James Cagney and his wife doing an impromptu dance in a barn.

But other pictures, just as memorable, were of the unfamous. Among the more than 750,000 Ms. Arnold made were pictures in a South African shantytown, a Havana brothel and a Moscow psychiatric hospital. She documented a small Long Island town, Miller Place, and the first minutes of a baby’s life. She was an official photographer on 40 movie sets.

Her many honors include the Order of the British Empire and the Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Society of Magazine Photographers. She was a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and named a “Master Photographer” by the International Center of Photography in New York, considered by many to be the world’s most prestigious photographic honor.

You can read more about Eve Arnold’s life and work in The New York Times here.

View a slide show of Eve Arnold’s photography here.

All About Eve: The Photography of Eve Arnold

Eve Arnold: Lifetime Achievement Award, The 2010 Sony World Photography Awards

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The Photography of Herb Ritts: Distinctive Portraits with Monumental Sensuality

Herb Ritts, Richard Gere, San Bernardino, 1977

Herb Ritts, Antonio Rossi in Tag Heuer’s Form, 1997

Herb Ritts, Stephanie, Cindy, Christy, Tatjana, Naomi, Hollywood, 1989

Herb Ritts, Fred with Tires II, Hollywood, 1984

Herb Ritts, Paul, Torso, Los Angeles, 1990

Herb Ritts, Carlos Moyá in Tag Heuer’s Form, 1997

The Photography of Herb Ritts: Distinctive Portraits with Monumental Sensuality

Herb Ritts (1952-2002) occupies photography’s Mount Olympus, along with the most important fashion and glamour photographers of the late 20th Century, including Horst, Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber and Helmut Newton. His photographs are a pivotal reference in our collective cultural memory; the classical poses of celebrities and models with their clean lines and distinct forms are easily recognizable as his style.

Herb Ritts was self-taught and he took his cues from the desert landscape surrounding his home and his close proximity to Hollywood culture, evident in the graphic quality and visual simplicity of his photographs and the heightened glamour of their subjects. He inserts a sense of rigorous formalism that seems to be inspired by modernist photographers like Edward Weston, August Sander or Man Ray.

The Edwynn Houk Gallery in Zurich recently presented an exhibition of photographs drawn from the collection of the Herb Ritts Foundation. In addition, the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, has recently acquired 69 black-and-white images by the late L.A. fashion photographer valued at close to $1 million, given by his foundation in a single transaction that was part gift and part purchase. A Ritts exhibition is being planned at the Getty, drawing in part from the new acquisition, for April 2012.

A Montage of Herb Ritts’ Videos and Still Images

Gallery: Photography of Herb Ritts/Distinctive Portraits with Monumental Sensuality

(Please Click Image to View Photo-Gallery)

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Marilyn Monroe’s First Photo Shoot: Superstar’s Early Modelling Photos Revealed

Early Marilyn Monroe Photographs to Go on Auction Block

A bankruptcy judge in Florida ruled earlier this week that a number of rare photographs taken by Joseph Jasgur in 1946 of Norma Jeane Dougherty, who went on to become the iconic Marilyn Monroe, will be sold at auction to settle the debts of the late photographer. The photographs have not been widely distributed and the collection has been locked up in court battles for more than two decades. The sale is significant because it’s very rare to see something where you can buy a copyrighted image of Monroe, especially images from her very first photo shoot. The photographs include a black-and-white headshot of the future Marilyn Monroe wearing a jaunty beret, another of her in a halter top and a color picture of her smiling in a striped bikini on the sand. Jasgur was hired by the Blue Book modeling agency to shoot the then-unknown Norma Jeane.

Interview with Joe Jasgur: Marilyn Monroe Photographer

Photography by Joseph Jasgur: Marilyn Monroe’s First Photo Shoot

Photo-Gallery: Marilyn Monroe’s First Photo Shoot

(Please Click Image to View Photo-Gallery)

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Amy Winehouse, Iconic British Soul Singer, Dies at 27

Amy Winehouse, Iconic British Soul Singer, Dies at 27

Amy Winehouse, the iconic British soul singer, was found dead on Saturday in her London home. She was 27. The English singer found international fame with her smoky, hip-hop take on retro-soul, but she soon became a fixture of tabloid newspapers as her problems with drugs and alcohol brought about a strikingly public career collapse. The long, pathetic spectacle brought joy only to the jackals of the British tabloids, which sneered in big headlines at each new downturn.

Ms. Winehouse became one of the most acclaimed young singers of the 2000s, selling millions of albums, winning five Grammy Awards and kicking off the British trend of retro-soul and R&B that continues today. Ms. Winehouse had a public image that seemed almost defiantly self-destructive. In her songs, Winehouse sang alcohol-soaked regrets of failed romances, and for many listeners the lyrics to the song Rehab, which won her three of the five Grammy Awards she received in 2008, crystallized her public persona: “They tried to make me go to rehab,” she sang, “I said, No, no, no.”

Ms. Winehouse had not released an album since Back to Black, but recently she appeared to be trying to revive her career. However, last month she canceled a brief European comeback tour after a last-ever disastrous performance in Belgrade, during which she appeared too intoxicated to perform properly.

Read more about Amy Winehouse in today’s New York Times here.

Amy Winehouse: Back To Black (Last-Ever Performance, Belgrade, 2011)

Amy Winehouse: Rehab

Amy Winehouse: Live at BBC Sessions (3/8/2007)

Slide Show: Amy Winehouse, Iconic British Soul Singer, Dies at 27

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David LaChapelle: The Fellini of Photography Returns to Fine Art

David LaChapelle: Flowers, Early Fall

David LaChapelle: Pieta With Courtney Love, 2006

David LaChapelle: Christina Aguilera

David LaChapelle: Eminem

David LaChapelle: Amanda Lepore, Breast-Feeding

David LaChapelle: Madonna

David LaChapelle: David Beckham

David LaChapelle: The Fellini of Photography Returns to Fine Art

During the course of his artistic career, David LaChapelle was hired by Andy Warhol, fired by Madonna, photographed Pamela Anderson, Lady Gaga, and Hillary Clinton, and made a star of the transgender personality Amanda Lepore. He earned millions and spent much of that on his self-financed movie about an urban dance form created in the rough neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles. When the film, Rize, failed to attract a large audience, the weary LaChapelle packed up his career and disappeared.

Now, LaChapelle is back in New York briefly, overseeing his one-man show at a Madison Avenue art gallery and a separate commissioned installation that is opening in the lobby of the Lever House on Park Avenue. With their erotic gloss, their sizzling aesthetics and their slick production values, the photographs at Michelman Fine Art are recognizably the work of a man who in his editorial work for Vanity Fair, Interview, Rolling Stone and others photographed David Duchovny dressed in Lycra bondage trousers, Kanye West as Black Jesus, a turbaned Elizabeth Taylor looking like a $5 fortune teller, Eminem naked but for a well-placed prop and other stars like Tupac Shakur (wearing soap bubbles), Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga baring their souls for the camera, along with a good deal more.

At the Lever House, however, the artist has returned to techniques he employed when, at the very beginning of his career, long before he became the go-to video director for pop music divas, he used naïve, childlike forms like linked paper chains to make his work. In the space that in the past has presented exhibitions of works by artists such as Barbara Kruger and Damien Hirst, Mr. LaChapelle has hung the chains from walls and ceiling in looping festoons. At first glance, the stapled links only look like colorful decorations for a children’s party, but when viewed more closely they reveal images of naked bodies, as an allegory for human connection.

Viewers can read more about David LaChapelle’s return to the art scene in The New York Times here.

David LaChapelle: Elton John/Candle in the Wind (Marilyn)

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/12216162 w=720&h=460]

David LaChapelle: Elton John/Philadelphia Freedom

Photo-Gallery: David LaChapelle/The Fellini of Photography Returns to Fine Art

(Please Click Image to View Photo-Gallery)

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Nothing Personal: I’d Just Rather Be a Sexy Picture

Nothing Personal: I’d Just Rather Be a Sexy Picture

Nothing Personal is a six-minute short art film directed by the acclaimed photographer Matt Black for Black Palm Films, featuring Paz de la Huerta with original music by unkle. We’ve been seeing a goodly generous amount of Paz de la Huerta’s sexy body and bountiful boobs these past few months on Boardwalk Empire, not to mention her awkward wardrobe malfunction outside the LA’s Chateau Marmont. Now, exceeding both of those, Paz de la Huerta is seen inside the Chateau Marmont getting it on with some lucky actor in this steamy cinematic adventure. The first three minutes is all about Paz grinding it up, then the next basically explain the point of the film.

And just what is the point you may ask? The difference between making love and sex, that love provides a personal fulfillment that sex can’t accomplish. Sex is a very superficial way of appreciating people. And maybe even more to the point, narcissism is a very harsh friend.

Nothing Personal: I’d Just Rather Be a Sexy Picture

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Breaking News: Sources Report Anderson Cooper Finally Makes Revealing Personal Announcement!

Oh Yer All Such Gossip Mongers!  APRIL FOOLS!!

Slide Show: Anderson Cooper and the Guys/April Fools!

(Please Click Image to View Slide Show)

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