Chump And Clump: The Very Merry Bus Stop

Chump And Clump: The Very Merry Bus Stop

Chump And Clump is an acclaimed, hilariously hallucinogenic animated short film created by Stephan Sacher and Michael Herm at Germany’s Talking Animals Animation Studio. Chump and Clump meet at a bus station. Unfortunately, they have just missed their bus, which arrives only once a week. While waiting for the next bus, a bizarre and wonderfully raucous friendship develops, which still manages to prevail when all odds turn against our little heroes. Most of the great fun in this film lies in what Chump and Clump do with their eyes: the expressions in their eyes, the red capillaries when they’re hung over, smiling eyes, desperate eyes, sad eyes, crying eyes. Funny, very funny.

Chump And Clump: The Very Merry Bus Stop

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