The Town’s Been Invaded by Mystical, Imaginary Little Creatures!

The Town’s Been Invaded by Mystical, Imaginary Little Creatures!

Animals is a wickedly comical animated short film by Kristofer Ström, created for Minilogue’s music video, Animals.  Minilogue’s music is self-described as Swedish Post-House/Techno, leaving behind the boundaries of those genres, and actually all previous musical genres.  The magical little creature-animals serve as the musical front for the band, or rather as its visual front of imaginary, enchanting creatures.  And a very strange and goofy ensemble of cavorting little creatures they are!

Preparing  for the Performance: Unboxing the Animals

The Town’s Mystical, Imaginary Little Creatures

(Enjoy the Goofy Merrymaking in Full-Screen Mode)

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Creatures from the Deep

The Deep: Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss

Creatures from the Deep

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