All Things Beasts: Five Little Stories about Animals

All Things Beasts: Five Little Stories about Animals

All Things Beasts: First, the title Beasts is not necessarily referring to all of the animals in this animation.   Secondly, although on the surface Beasts is presented as a dark and gory Comedy Noir, in fact this animated short film addresses more serious underlying worries.  According to the animator, Dick Verschure, Beasts could be taken as a story about us as humans, as an expression of unease about the future of our species.  For example, the part of the film about the birds is about revenge, and the segment about the sheep is about global overpopulation.  The story of the penguins is about the horrors of spreading world epidemics (here, SARS or Bird Flu), and finally the tale of the pig is about repression.   Then again, according to Verschure, this is just his own particular point of view. Everybody can think something else about Beasts.

Beasts: Five Little Stories about Animals

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Some Time for Young People: Images of Multiple Worlds

A Time for Young People

Uptown, Chicago (1960s): An Appalachian Immigrant Neighborhood

Photograph by: Danny Lyon

Music: Pet Shop Boys/Home and Dry (Orchestral Mix)

Time for Teens: Images of Multiple Worlds

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