A Brilliant Presentation: “Blue Hors Matine” Performs a Disco-Dancing Dressage!

A Brilliant Presentation: “Blue Hors Matine” Performs a Disco-Dancing Dressage!

At The Grand Prix Freestyle Dressage in Aachen, Germany on August 26th, 2006, Andreas Helgstrand and Blue Hors Matine, a 9 year-old Danish mare, turned in an electrifying performance to earn the Silver Medal. Andreas Helgstrand of Denmark had a marvelous freestyle dressage, riding the amazingly unbelievable Blue Hors Matine in a performance that got the audience, a huge sold-out crowd of 40,000 people crammed into every corner of the stadium, clapping in rhythm with her passage as she went down the centerline at the end of her performance. This beautiful horse was both dramatically exciting and as regular as a metronome in her piaffe and passage, which was flaunted in front of the judges at every opportunity. That’s the strategy with a freestyle; if you do something well, do it in their faces. If there’s something you don’t do well, hide it away in a corner. And Blue Hors Matine did it all well, extraordinarily well, indeed. One can even easily enjoy her flapping tail, since it really seemed to express just how happy she was to be dancing!

“Blue Hors Matine” Performs a Disco-Dancing Dressage!

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Revisiting the Village People’s Astonishingly Awful “Can’t Stop the Music”

The Village People: Can’t Stop the Music

The Village People: Can’t Stop the Music

The Village People: Can’t Stop the Music

In 1980, The Village People starred in the motion picture musical Can’t Stop the Music. One reviewer of the film wrote: “This movie is amazing. Rarely in the history of mankind have we seen a movie so incredibly awful that it becomes a must-see film.” The movie won Razzie Awards for Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay in 1981. It also was nominated for five other Razzie Awards, including ones for Worst Actor (Bruce Jenner), Worst Actress (Valerie Perrine) and Worst Original Song (Can’t Stop the Music).

Described elsewhere as “a train wreck” of a movie, it is mind-boggling to think of this vehicle for The Village People, which also starred Steve Guttenberg and the athlete Bruce Jenner, as a serious, big-budget Hollywood motion picture. But it was. Furthermore, everything about the movie seemed to be in massive denial about who the Village People really were.

It was extremely difficult choosing the movie’s “Best-Worst Scene” to present here, so here are three musical scenes for your enjoyment: Milkshake, YMCA and Can’t Stop The Music (the Live Grand Finalé in San Francisco):

Can’t Stop the Music: Milkshake

Can’t Stop the Music: YMCA

The Live Grand Finalé in San Francisco: Can’t Stop the Music

Here Are Two Original, Vintage Village People Recordings, YMCA and Macho Man:

The Village People: YMCA

The Village People: Macho Man

And a Very Special Bonus, The Village People’s Megamix Medley:

The Village People: Megamix Medley:

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