Vin Diesel’s Multi-Facial: Not Too Light, Not Too Dark

Vin Diesel’s Multi-Facial: Not Too Light, Not Too Dark

Multi-Facial is a fascinating, emotionally moving 1995 short film that was written, directed and produced by Vin Diesel, who also played the starring role in the film. Whether you’re a cult fan of Vin Diesel’s high-octane action thrillers, or a movie snob who can’t stand him, you need to leave your biases at the door on this one: Multi-Facial is an awesome short film.

As a struggling actor in the early 1990′s, Vin Diesel couldn’t get any jobs. So he went in the time-honored direction for out-of-work actors and made his own film. The semi-autobiographical short film presents a dramatic male monologue about the problems that accompany an actor as he goes to a variety of auditions, due to his multi-ethnic appearance. It was a pretty successful move for him too; the film played at Cannes in 1995, and based largely on the impression the short made upon Steven Spielberg, Diesel was able to land his star-making role in Saving Private Ryan.

Vin Diesel’s monologue in the closing audition scene is unexpectedly emotional, effortlessly and organically concluding the themes built up throughout the film. A wonderful showcase for Diesel’s real talents, the film works amazingly well cinematically, making it one of the greatest short films ever made about acting.

Vin Diesel: Multi-Facial

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Some Time for Young People: Images of Multiple Worlds

A Time for Young People

Uptown, Chicago (1960s): An Appalachian Immigrant Neighborhood

Photograph by: Danny Lyon

Music: Pet Shop Boys/Home and Dry (Orchestral Mix)

Time for Teens: Images of Multiple Worlds

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