The Ironic Red Hot Downtown Booty Dance!

Photography by: Cyril Helnwein, Los Angeles

The Ironic Red Hot Downtown Booty Dance!

Downtown is a wonderful series of stunning black-and-white fine art nude photographs by Cyril Helnwein, shot guerrilla style at night on the streets of downtown LA, using only available ambient light from street signs and lamp posts. The photographs are accompanied by a video slide show of the images from the Downtown series. Booty Dance is a gleefully sexy one-minute short film, also by LA photographer Cyril Helnwein, comprised of behind-the-scenes footage of a model fooling around during a photo shoot. The unforgettable face was drawn on the model by the legendary comic artist Dan Panosian.

Mix it all together, and you’ve got the Ironic Red Hot Downtown Booty Dancer!

To view these photographs in best high-resolution quality, please go here.

Downtown: A Video Slide Show by Cyril Helnwein

The Ironic Red Hot Downtown Booty Dance!

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