Dr. Phil Reportedly Named a Top Hillary Campaign Adviser

Yes indeedy, allegedly well-placed Washington sources are whispering rumors that the infamous, publicity mongering Dr.Phil has just been named to a top advisory position in Hillary Clinton’s political campaign. He’ll join the likes of Ragin’ Bill Clinton, Howard “Hoodwink ‘Em” Wolfson, Magpie Williams, and Mark “I Run This Show” Penn in helping to determine our political destiny during the next few weeks.

And just coincidentally, it’s ratings sweeps time again in television land!! Since Dr. Phil can’t exploit Britney Spears again right now (since her own family is doing a good job of that) or the teenage girl accused of being the ringleader of a high school smackdown, Dr. Phil has turned to ripping off a sick, but popular popular reality show: The Moment of Truth. it’s been exposed how the good non-doc’s using a polygraph, a child molestation victim, and fancy graphics all in the name of ratings. It’s being rumored that Hillary might make a special appearance as one of the very first guests on Dr. Phil’s version of Moment of Truth, just to prove that all of her notorious “misspokens” were actually true!!

Dr. Phil’s Moment of Truth

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Publicity Monger Dr. Phil Bails Violent Teen

One of the girls charged in the vicious beating of a classmate was bailed out of a Florida jail by television talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw, the show confirmed in a statement on Saturday. Dr. Phil’s spokeswoman Terri Corigliano confirmed that the show’s producers were in the process of booking guests for a program about the case. The talk show host allegedly posted bond, which was set at $33,000, for one of the eight teens that was arrested for severely beating another teenager in Florida. The highly publicized case has been in the news for over a week now, and Dr. Phil must have wanted some of that action. Apparently Dr. Phil didn’t learn anything from his interference with Britney Spears.

Mercades Nichols, one of eight teens charged in the brutal attack, which was videotaped and has now been viewed widely on national television and the internet, was bailed out by a representative of the show on Friday night, according to a report from MyFOXTampaBay.com. The Dr. Phil representative was waiting by the jail’s exit, and when Nichols walked out, he tried to block Tampa TV station camera people from getting video of Nichols and her family leaving jail.

The beefy producer ran a humiliating gantlet of news cameras as he led Nichols and relatives out of the court. “We have exclusivity,” the hulking flunky told reporters who unsuccessfully tried to question the teen. A reporter from one CBS-affiliated TV station insisted that she should get an interview because her station runs the “Dr. Phil” show.

As news of Dr. Phil’s involvement quickly spread across the internet, Dr. Phil quickly issued a statement that attempted to backpedal and save face. In the statement later on Saturday, the Dr. Phil show said that bailing the girl out of jail was a violation of the show’s rules, and that the show would no longer go forward with the girl’s story. “In this case, certain staff members went beyond our guidelines (re the bail being paid). These staff members have been spoken to and our policies reiterated. In addition, we have decided not to go forward with the story as our guidelines have been compromised,” the statement read.

Dr. Phil Bails Girl Charged in Brutal Florida Attack

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