Lights Out: The Little Robotic Guy Tries to Sleep

Lights Out: The Little Robotic Guy Tries to Sleep

Lights Out is a very wacky one-minute CG animated short created by Irish filmmaker Cormac Kelly.  The film follows the travails of a poor little robotic guy who’s trying to grab some shut-eye, but the factory around him suddenly springs to life.  A serious design flaw in the factory’s ergonomics prevents the poor guy from reaching the off-switch, and the rest is history!  This piece presents the original incarnation of the animation from Dublin’s Piranhabar reception desk, as well as a fantastic re-shoot of the animation that includes stereo sound effects.

The two animated shorts must be watched in HD Full-Screen Mode!

The Original Version of Lights Out from Dublin’s Piranhabar

A Fantastic Reshoot of Lights Out that Includes Sound

(Watch Both Animated Shorts in HD Full-Screen Mode!)

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