The Very Sexy Brothers of Arcadia

The Very Sexy Brothers of Arcadia

Brothers of Arcadia is an amazingly erotic four-minute short fashion film for Thierry Mugler, which was directed by Branislav Jankic. The film features a number of mostly-naked men with stunning physiques to grab your attention. It starts off slowly with a dramatic, black and white beachside romp set to classical music, with the leading men wearing nothing but briefs and some bling. However, the mood quickly changes when vibrant colors emerge, as well as a bumping techno jam by Jessica 6. Viewers  are transported into a steamy underground photo-shoot that seems to have a Greek gods and soldiers theme, which is appropriate because these dudes are, like, chiseled from marble.

The Very Sexy Brothers of Arcadia

The Very Sexy Brothers of Arcadia (Uncensored Version)

(Best Viewed in HD Full-Screen Mode)

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Iké Udé: Photographic Portraits and Sartorial Anarchy

Iké Udé, Sartorial Anarchy #2, 2010

Iké Udé, Reggie Van Lee #1, 2010

Iké Udé, Sartorial Anarchy #4, 2010

Iké Udé, Leelee Sobieski, 2010

Iké Udé: Photographic Portraits and Sartorial Anarchy

Photography by: Iké Udé, NYC

Self: Photographic Portraits and Sartorial Anarchy is a collection of photographs by Iké Udé, which is on view at New York’s Stux Gallery through June 25, 2011. The exhibition presents a number of portraits with a simmering intensity that feature subjects ranging from himself, to fashion designer Manolo Blahnik, to financial executive Reggie Van Lee. The photographs show a highly stylized world of color, attitude, and object, making their domain as much anarchic as desirable. According to Iké, sartorial anarchy is an expression of dandyism that is enhanced by the indeterminate delicacy of pose, gestures, tilt, determinate lines, or a thrust here-and-there, all harmonized by an agreeable countenance.

Artist Iké Udé was born in Lagos, Nigeria, moved to the States in the 1980s and presently works in New York City. His artwork is in the permanent collections of New York’s Guggenheim Museum and the Smithsonian National Museum, Washington DC. Udé is the founder and publisher of aRUDE Magazine, a quarterly devoted to art, culture, style and fashion. He is the author of Style File: The World’s Most Elegantly Dressed and was selected as one of Vanity Fair’s 2009 International Best Dressed Originals.

Photo-Gallery: Photographic Portraits and Sartorial Anarchy

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