Iris: The Spectacular Fashion Week Frolic

Iris: The Spectacular Fashion Week Frolic

Iris is a short film created by fashion photographer Barnaby Roper.  Many people don’t fall for these non-narrative fashion films, but Roper along with supermodel Iris Stubegger really hit it out of the ballpark with this short film for Nowness.  It’s got a great look, great clothes, cool effects and excellent sound design.  A real winner, just in time for New York City’s Fashion Week!

Iris: The Spectacular Fashion Week Frolic

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NY Fashion Week: Skintight Baggies and Other Fashion Mishaps for Socialite Ferrets

Fashion Week: Skintight Baggies and Other Fashion Mishaps for Rich Socialites

New York’s Spring Fashion Week is going strong right now in Manhattan’s Bryant Park. All of the fashionista fameballs are there, stretchin’ their necks so to gawk at the latest weirdo high-fashion getups. Don’t you wish you were there? Nope, me neither. Nope, not never. That’s for darn sure. But I did manage to round up some downright classic pichures of a few of the most silliest, stupidest and just plain old dumb-lookin’ fancy couture outfits that have polluted the fashion runways so far. So here are some of the fashion clunkers that all the high-falutin’ rich, blue-blood socialites are salivatin’ over. Yep, you can take a look-see right here, in case you might be just dying with curiosity to see what you’re missing out on! And also, please don’t fail to watch the video of a poor little Fashion Week model having to run barefoot all through Manhattan’s rainy, scary streets in her raggedy old dress!!

Fashion Week Model Runs Barefoot Thru Rainy, Scary Streets in Raggedy Dress

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