Fay Ray: William Wegman’s Narrative Portraits of Fay

Zebra, 1989

Cinderella with Glass Slipper, 1993

Moosehead, 1994

Red Toy, 2006

Entabled, 1988

Fay Ray: William Wegman’s Narrative Portraits of Fay

Fay Ray is a collection of William Wegman’s remarkable portraits of his dogs, focusing on his Weimaraner Fay Ray, and her progeny.  Wegman’s photographs, videotapes, paintings and drawings have been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally.  Numerous traveling retrospectives of Wegman’s work have been organized over the past three decades.

The photographs in this collection are gorgeous; Fay’s grace permeates the photographs with an unexpected dignity.  For example, Fay transforms Zebra from a simple photograph of a dog in a cardigan to an abstract piece that contrasts animals dressed as humans with animals dressed as other animals; the simplicity of the portrait Entabled brings to mind classical Greek nudes.

William Wegman’s Photographs of His Amazing Weimaraner Dogs

Fay Ray: William Wegman’s Narrative Portraits of Fay

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