The Schueberfouer: The Big Funfair

The Schueberfouer: The Big Funfair

The Schueberfouer (The Big Funfair) is a delightful two-minute short film by Vitùc, a film about Luxembourg’s big funfair that’s filled with with beautiful and vibrant colors.  The people of Luxembourg love the Schueberfouer, because it reminds many of them of their childhoods.

The Schueberfouer: The Big Funfair

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Sea Orchestra: Unabashedly Fun, Indescribably Odd

Sea Orchestra: Unabashedly Fun, Indescribably Odd

Sea Orchestra is a fantastic one-minute animated short film, a commercial created for United Airlines by the South African collective, The Blackheart Gang. Their work is just phenomenal, one of the freshest pieces of animation to come along in a quite a while.  The film is a digital marvel of the handcrafted aesthetic, with visuals that bring to life incredibly detailed and fantastic tapestries influenced by Bosch, Japanese Prints and Surrealists, via 3-D modeling and texture shading. It’s all unabashedly free-wheeling fun, and yet indescribably odd.  I cannot believe this actually played on TV!

Sea Orchestra: Unabashedly Fun, Indescribably Odd

(Most Enjoyably Viewed in Full-Screen Mode)

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It’s the Good Humor Guy Here, Bringing You Some Fun Times!!

It’s the Good Humor Guy!!

Type “college prank” into YouTube and you’ll be greeted with hundreds of videos. Most will be really, really dumb. Many won’t even be pranks at all. Some of them will make you furrow your brow, shake your head, and fear for the future of our country. But a few of them push the art of the prank to new heights. Being able to share videos online has encouraged the best college pranksters to make their stunts more elaborate. It also allows us to share in their glorious humorous insanity.

The Merry College Pranksters

More Fun Times:

The Official Animal House Trailer

And Even MORE Fun Times:

Freshman Orientation

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