Getting Very High in Venice Beach, LA

Getting Very High in Venice Beach, LA

Getting High in Venice Beach, LA is a very trippy short film by The Cool Hunter, which invites you to experience a state of floating ecstasy without even needing to leave your chair or coconut tree, and whenever the desire strikes you.

In the 1950s and 60s, Venice Beach became a center for the Beat Generation, with a mind-altering explosion of young counterculture artists, poets and writers. Even today, Venice Beach is a summertime hotbed of activity, which includes the beach, the promenade or boardwalk running parallel to the beach, the fabulously hot Muscle Beach, the handball courts, the paddle tennis courts, Skate Dancing plaza, the numerous beach volleyball courts and the renowned Venice basketball courts that are known all across the country for their high level of streetball. And Getting High in Venice Beach, LA takes you on a dizzily buoyant trip through all of Venice Beach, accompanied by Brian Eno’s dreamy soundtrack, Deep Blue Day.

Getting Very High in Venice Beach, LA

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