Gregory Crewdson: Disturbing Dramas Beneath the Roses


Sunday Roast


The Father

Blue Period

Trailer Park

Forest Clearing

Photography by: Gregory Crewsdon

Gregory Crewdson: Disturbing Dramas Beneath the Roses

Beneath the Roses is an acclaimed series of photographs by Gregory Crewdson, pointedly theatrical yet intensely real images that explore the recesses of the American psyche and the disturbing dramas at play within otherwise mundane environments. Anonymous townscapes, forest clearings and broad, desolate streets become settings for mystery and wonder; similarly, ostensibly banal interiors become the staging grounds for strange human scenarios.

Crewdson’s scenes are tangibly atmospheric, visually alluring and often deeply disquieting. Never anchored precisely in time or place, the narratives of Beneath the Roses are instead located in the dystopic landscape of the anxious American imagination. Crewdson’s elaborately staged and plotted photographic fictions convey experiences that are intensely real.

The Visually Alluring Photography of Gregory Crewdson

Slide Show: Gregory Crewdson/Disturbing Dramas Beneath the Roses

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Photography by: Gregory Crewdson

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