Hillary: “I Don’t Accept!”

From Ezra Klein at The American Spectator

In the first episode of the BBC comedy Coupling, Steve decides he’s going to break up with his partner Jane. He steels up his courage, strides over to her, and makes his pitch. “I’m going to put this very simply. It’s over between us,” he says. She looks at him quizzically. “You want us to split up?” she asks. “Yes,” replies Steve. “Yes I do.” She looks at him sweetly. “I don’t accept.”

[Last night] the Democratic Party essentially told Clinton that it was over. Obama crossed the magic delegate threshold and captured, for all intents and purposes, the nomination. Clinton had run a remarkable race, and come inches from securing the nomination, but she had lost. And then, Clinton took the stage in New York, and said, in effect, “I don’t accept.”

Coupling: “I Don’t Accept.”

Clinton’s speech was a curious spectacle. It’s not merely that she didn’t concede, but that she didn’t even mention that anything had changed. She congratulated Obama on his campaign, but not on his win, or even his likely win. It wasn’t merely that she didn’t concede, but that she didn’t stop running, didn’t stop attacking.

She admitted that the next few days would require thought as to the path forward, but used that as an opening to plug her web site, where supporters could weigh in on the path she should choose. And on her web site, the button to submit your message of support sits next to an even larger button asking you to contribute…. If you decide not to contribute, and try to simply leave a message, you’re taken to another page where, again, you’re asked to contribute. In truth, it is the contribution that Clinton is asking for, not the support. And those donations will not go towards her campaign for the nomination, which cannot be revived by more money. Rather, those donations will go towards retiring her millions in campaign debt. And, in a way, it explain why Hillary refuses to drop out.

So long as she remains in the race, she has leverage. She has reporters who will cover her statements…..She has the chance, no matter how slim, that lightning will strike, or scandal will hit, or tragedy will fall, and Obama’s campaign will unexpectedly fold in upon itself and she will step forward as the nominee. It is not so much that she doesn’t realize it’s over as that she sees no upside in admitting the end. She understands, she just doesn’t accept.”

Read Ezra Klein’s complete article in The American Spectator here.

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Hillary: Man the Lifeboats, I Shall Continue to Move Forward!!

Man the Lifeboats, I Shall Continue Moving Forward!!

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Hillary: Can Obama Beat McCain? Yes, Yes, Yes!!

With the Pennsylvania primary just six days away, Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate in Philadelphia gave Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama a last chance to settle old and new scores as they headed into a week that could make or break their presidential aspirations. Clinton wanted to extend her five point lead in Pennsylvania, while Obama was trying to unveil a debate performance that reflects the recent national poll figures that show him surging way past Clinton in the areas of trustworthiness and electability.

During the debate, Obama and Clinton each defended their handling of missteps and misstatements on the campaign trail and directed sharp criticisms toward each other. They began their first head-to-head encounter in nearly two months focused on political disputes, rather than upon their relatively narrow policy differences. Obama, who leads in the number of delegates needed to claim the nomination, fielded tough questions about his relationship with his former pastor, his patriotism and his description of small-town voters as “bitter,” the latter a controversy that has engulfed his campaign for much of the past week.

Obama argued repeatedly that voters are smart enough to differentiate petty issues from important economic matters. “So the problem that we have in our politics, which is fairly typical, is that you take one person’s statement, if it’s not properly phrased, and you just beat it to death,” Obama said. “And that’s what Senator Clinton’s been doing over the last four days. And I understand that. That’s politics. And I expect to have to go through this process. But I do think it’s important to recognize that it’s not helping that person who’s sitting at the kitchen table, who’s trying to figure out how to pay the bills at the end of the month.”

Clinton addressed questions about voters’ deteriorating level of trust in her after her recent false claims to have ducked sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia. In perhaps her fullest explanations of her Bosnia gaffe to date, she noted she had already apologized and said that while she had gotten the details wrong, she was otherwise proud to have taken the trip. “I may be a lot of things, but I’m not dumb,” Clinton said. “I’m embarrassed by it, I have apologized for it, I said it was a mistake. It is, I hope, something you can look over.”

Clinton, who has been quoted as saying in private conversations that she does not think Obama can win the general election, made her clearest statement to date of her confidence in Obama. When asked whether Obama would win against Sen. John McCain, Clinton adamantly replied: “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

Obama responded by saying that he believes he’s better suited to beat McCain, that his ability to unify the electorate would be the key to winning in November. “When we are unified, there is nothing that we cannot tackle,” he said.

Hillary: “Can Obama Beat McCain? Yes, Yes, Yes!

Read an article that is extremely critical of the debate’s moderators, as well as of the entire ABC News coverage of the Philadelphia Democratic debate, in this morning’s edition of The Washington Post here.

And Greg Mitchell calls ABC News’ coverage of the debate A Shameful Night for U.S. Media in today’s Huffington Post here.

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Watch Obama Girl’s New Production: It’s Become a National Civic Duty!!

She’s baackkk…!! For all one knows, Obama Girl might well be feeling a bit jealous right now of a certain something she ain’t got–the sultry sexiness of Governor Bill Richardson’s beard, which maybe got a little too close to Obama last week. At any rate, our capricious Obama Girl has returned to thrill America’s political stoners and peeping toms with her latest music video, once again proclaiming herself to be Barack Obama’s most devoted fan (and garbed in the least clothing). In this episode, Obama Girl assumes a plaintiff tone, pleading with Hillary to stop the harmful and damaging campaign tactics that are aimed at Obama (of course, the hurtful campaign strategies are so totally all Clinton), and to join forces with her and Obama in working to uniting the party.

Following this segment there are some silly, maybe even slapstick moments, but I won’t play the spoiler here. In addition, there are some pretty shameless lyrics calling upon some fairly strong political arguments that range from from delegate math to Dukakis (“These attacks are insane/They just help John McCain“).

Clearly, Obama Girl firmly believes that the destiny of the Democratic party now rests in her hands! Hmmm…but we need to try and figure out whether “her” refers to Hillary or Obama Girl. In any event, we need to exercise our democratic right to watch this video. Actually, at this point in the campaign, and in Obama Girl’s public career, it’s more like a civic responsibility or a national political obligation.

Hillary! Stop the Attacks!!

And now, Obama Girl, go and get your binoculars…here’s Barack chilling out at the beach!!

Barack Loosening Up: By the Blue Lagoon

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The Secret of Hillary and Obama

Their previously unspoken love story:

Endless Love

h/t to Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic Magazine.

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Bullshit: Hillary Tops in Bullshit Poll

Hillary Tops in Bullshit Poll

Bullshit: The Number One Issue in 2008 Campaign

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Hillary: No Way Gay! But, Then, Is America Ready for a Straight Woman President?

Hillary Sets It Straight for Those Who Really Care: Nope, I’m Still Not Gay!

The Presidential Candidate Addresses the Ongoing Rumors about Her Sexuality

Yesterday, there were news sources reporting that The Advocate, the gay tabloid that is sometimes only one notch above Perez Hilton in trying to find “gay” everywhere, has published an interview with Senator Hillary Clinton, in which she directly addresses the long-persisting underground rumors that she is a lesbian.  Have you been sitting on the edge of your seat with breathless anticipation for years, waiting to hear the truth about all of this “straight” from the horse’s mouth?  Well, Rebecca Traister over at Salon has been fretting about this very question for years, and here’s what she was relieved to find out:

“Have you been stewing over this very question since you first saw her on “60 Minutes” in 1992?  Can you not wait another second to get the good word?  Then you’ll find it utterly mind-blowing to discover that, nope, Hillary Clinton’s not gay.

According to the New York Daily News, Advocate News and Features Editor Sean Kennedy described Clinton as a feminist who knows what it’s like to be discriminated against for simply being who you are.  Kennedy went on to say, “although her campaign is loath to talk about it, Clinton is a woman who enemies have tried more than once to caricature as ‘lesbian.’  So she knows firsthand the stigma associated with homosexuality.”

Nevertheless, Kennedy asked Clinton directly how she responds to “the occasional rumor that you’re a lesbian.”  Clinton replied, “People say a lot of things about me, so I really don’t pay any attention to it … It’s not true, but it is something that I have no control over.  People will say what they want to say.”

Apparently this response didn’t provide enough clarity for The Daily News, which just had to follow up by calling Kennedy themselves, just to double-check that he didn’t think she was lying or anything.  “I 100 percent believe she’s a straight, heterosexual woman,” Kennedy told the paper.”

So there you have it.  Hillary Clinton has officially declared she’s not a lesbian, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Again, for all of you folks who are sitting at home keeping score on this issue with our national politicians, Hillary Clinton is not a lesbian.  Anyway, she graduated from Wellesley, not from Smith!!

But that Still Leaves Open Another Important Issue: Sex and the Presidency

Is America Ready for a Woman President?

But does Hillary really have a chance to win the election and serve as our first woman president?  In Tuesday night’s excellent “Daily Show” Samantha Bee segment, Bee transforms herself into a very believable Carrie Bradshaw as she wonders, in her most perfect Sarah Jessica Parker tones, “Now that women can be ‘doctresses, body-buildtrixes and firemenwomen,’ Is America ready for a woman president?

The entire clip is extremely amusing, but the best part is probably when Bee goes wandering around the sample sales with her very feminist friend Kim Gandy, “who is the lady president of some lady thing.”  (That would be the National Organization for Women).  Why don’t you just watch this very funny clip for yourself:

Is America Ready for a Woman President?

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