Melvin the Magical Machine: A Machine with Its Own Identity

Melvin the Magical Machine: A Machine with Its Own Identity

Melvin the Magical Mixed Media Machine (or just Melvin the Machine) is a wild four-minute short film created by members of the design studio HEYHEYHEY. Art space MU asked HEYHEYHEY to design their show for the Dutch Design Week, Holland’s major design event. Mu gave them complete freedom on one condition: the show wasn’t to be a show of new products, but it should rather be a moment. Since they like a challenge, they decided to build a massive chain reaction with an identity.

Melvin is best described as a Rube Goldberg machine with a twist. Besides doing what Rube Goldbergs do best, performing a simple task as inefficiently as possible, often in the form of a chain reaction, Melvin has an identity. Actually, the only purpose of this machine is to promote its own identity. Melvin takes pictures and makes videos of his audience, which he instantly uploads to his blog, Facebook and Twitter account. Besides that he makes his own merchandise. All of this within 4-minutes of craziness, which you just have to witness yourself.

Melvin the Magical Machine: A Machine with Its Own Identity

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The Hushed Melancholy of New York’s Empty Restaurants

21 Club, 21 West 52nd Street, 2009

Cafe des Artistes, 1 West 67th Street, 2009

Delmonico’s, 56 Beaver Street, 2009

Arturo’s, 106 West Houston Street, 2009

De Robertis, 176 First Avenue, NYC, 2009

The Hushed Melancholy of New York’s Empty Restaurants

Photography by: Wijnanda Deroo, Treadwell, New York

The Empty Restaurants of New York is an emotionally moving collection of photographs by the Dutch photographer Wijnanda Deroo.  Deroo’s work depicts the hushed melancholy of vacant interiors found in the cafes and restaurants from four of New York City’s five boroughs.  Instead of actual people, there is the presence of people who have been there before and who might be there again.  Despite the lack of people present in Deroo’s work, there exists a tangible presence of human experience and activity, manifested in the subtle clues left behind from a once vibrant history.  Her alluring use of color and composition invites the viewer into these hauntingly empty spaces with emotive power, reinforcing the perspective that beauty can be found in the least likely of places.

An Emotional Meditation: Alone in New York

(Best Viewed in HD Full-Screen Mode)

Slide Show: The Hushed Melancholy of New York’s Empty Restaurants

(Please Click Image to View Slide Show)

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