America Loves an Underdog: Chicago’s Lee DeWyze Wins American Idol 2010!

America Loves an Underdog: Chicago’s Lee DeWyze Wins American Idol 2010!

Chicago’s Lee DeWyze, a Mt. Prospect paint store clerk who overcame his shyness to impress the American Idol judges and viewers with his spirit and soulful voice, triumphed Wednesday night over singer Crystal Bowersox in American Idol’s ninth season.

Simon Cowell, who had pointed to DeWyze as the front-runner before the finale performances, said that American Idol was created for someone like DeWyze, who was working in a paint shop when he tried out for the show and really needed a break.  DeWyze’s first recorded single will be Beautiful Day, which he had performed on Tuesday evening.

Chicago’s Lee DeWyze Wins American Idol 2010

Lee DeWyze in Americal Idol’s Finale Performances: Beautiful Day

Lee DeWyze in American Idol’s Top 7 Performances: The Boxer

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Ex-Gov. Blagojevich: Still Crazy After All These Years!

Ex-Gov. Blagojevich: Still Crazy After All These Years!

Illinois State Senators stood up one by one in a hushed chamber in Springfield (IL) on Thursday, calling Gov. Rod Blagojevich a liar and a hypocrite who put his ego and his pocketbook ahead of the interests of Illinois. One senator called him “devious, cynical, crass and corrupt.” Another said the evidence of abuse of power was “overwhelming.” A third said he was “without a doubt unfit to govern.”

Subsequently, the Illinois Senate voted 59 to 0 to reject Blagojevich’s theatrical last-minute plea and to remove him from office. The vote to impeach him ended a stormy period of time that had left the nation’s fifth-largest state paralyzed by its governor’s alleged misdeeds and nationally ridiculed for its latest bout of corruption.

Throughout his last day, Mr. Blagojevich was, in turn, furious over the methods of the trial, morose as he said goodbye to staff members at the Governor’s Mansion and brimming with a bizarre gallows humor long before the lawmakers cast their votes. All the while, his office assistant packed his belongings into cardboard boxes, among them, family photographs, a bust of Lincoln and a statue of Elvis.

At another point, he pondered the more practical consequences of losing his job. “I wonder if we’ll have to hitchhike home,” he said. “Maybe we could take the bus.” In the end, he left the Capitol in Springfield through a secret basement corridor full of grunting, clanking pipes, bare walls and puddles.

Impeachment of Rod Blagojevich: The Illinois Senate Proceedings

Blagojevich’s Last Day: An Audio Slideshow

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Abused Chicago Riders Revolt Against Daley’s Decayed Subway System

After years of increasing abuse and neglect, Chicago subway riders finally got fed up, drew the line and revolted against Mayor Daley’s pathetic subway system. A jam-packed rush-hour subway train had been stopped underground in Chicago’s Loop for over an hour on Tuesday morning, held up by a broken-down train ahead. In the stifling, hot and stuffy air, passengers had turned nervous and impatient. Some were throwing up and getting sick from a complete lack of circulating fresh air. Finally, the Chicagoans revolted, ignoring the unpredictably intermittent announcements and pleas from transit workers, who were themselves in a state of total confusion about what was really going on. En mass, the riders decided to leave the stalled trains and to make a long and dangerous trudge through the dirty, dimly lit underground tunnel toward the eventual light of freedom.

As usual in Chicago’s disreputable world of machine politics, Hizzoner’s political flunky transit officials were quick to put all of the blame on the Chicago citizens, on the passengers, saying that the unauthorized evacuation caused bigger problems. Afraid that the passengers making to their freedom through the dark and dirty underground tunnel might be electrocuted by the subway’s electrically charged third rail, transit officials cut off all power to part of the Blue Line, which travels a large U-shaped route between Chicago’s West Side and O’Hare International Airport. Service was terminated for about four hours, and more than a thousand passengers had to be helped off several trains.

Esmeralda Cuevas, 26, who works in Chicago’s Loop as an administrative assistant, was on the train immediately behind the stalled one when she saw a number of haggard people walk by a window of her stranded subway car. “I felt a sense like I want to be with them,” Ms. Cuevas said. “I was impressed with their courage. I thought, ‘I can stay in here with these people and feel hot and uncomfortable, or I can start walking.’ ” And walk she did. So did most of the other stranded passengers from a total of four trains, who forged ahead despite intermittent, confusing public intercom announcements asking them to return.

Some two hours after her ordeal began, Ms. Cuevas finally emerged from the subway crying, with dirt all over her hands and face. An executive at her office downtown advised her to avoid the subway for a few days and to take cabs. But since he didn’t have the generosity to offer to pay for her cab rides, Ms. Cuevas said that she plans to take the train, but on an elevated line, not the underground subway.

At least seven of the Chicago subway passengers suffered injuries and breathing problems that required hospitalization. At the present time, none of their injuries or ailments is thought to be life threatening.

Revolt: Trapped in Underground Subway

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Obama at The Jefferson-Jackson Dinner: A Speech That Changed the Campaign

The Speech That Changed the Presidential Campaign

Obama’s speech at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner before thousands of Iowa Democrats presented an intense conclusion to the Democratic dinner. This is the speech that changed the course of the presidential campaign.  “Not answering questions because we’re afraid our answers won’t be popular just won’t do it,” Mr. Obama declared. “Triangulating and poll-driven positions because we’re worried about what Mitt or Rudy might say about us just won’t do it.”  “If we are really serious about winning this election, Democrats, then we can’t live in fear of losing,” he said.  Senator Obama, an Illinois Democrat, said the party succeeded if it led “not by polls but by principle, not by calculation but by conviction.”

The Speech That Changed the Presidential Campaign

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Barack Obama: We Are One People

Barack Obama: One Voice

Michelle Obama: Change We Can Believe In

(Please Click Image to Play the Video)

Michelle Obama: Be Not Afraid

Michelle Obama: The Closer

Michelle Obama has the potential to be as committed to rebuilding America as a First Lady as her husband would be as the President. We need to believe in America again. Obama can do that. If you are an Iowa Democrat, do yourself a favor and listen to Michelle Obama. Don’t throw this chance away.

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Three University of Chicago Students Named Rhodes Scholars for 2008

The University of Chicago

Thirty-two men and women from across the United States were named today as Rhodes Scholars for 2008. Of the 32 who were named, three of the students chosen as Rhodes Scholars are from the University of Chicago. The scholars were selected from 764 applicants endorsed by 294 colleges and universities.

Two of the three University of Chicago winners are from Washington, D.C., Nadine Levin and Andrew Hammond. The third University of Chicago student chosen is Isra Bhatty of Glenview, Illinois.

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Chicago: The Windy City’s Become Freakin’ Awesome!

Buckingham Fountain in the Evening

Chicago’s Navy Pier

The Chicago Cloud Gate

The Windy City: Chicago’s Freakin’ Awesome!!

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