Porcelain Unicorn: The Healing Power of the Human Spirit

Porcelain Unicorn: The Healing Power of the Human Spirit

Porcelain Unicorn is a sensitively inspiring short film directed by Keegan Wilcox, which was named Best Short Film in the 2010 Philips Global Parallel-Lines Film-Making Contest.  The film was chosen from more than 600 entries from around the world, which were submitted by aspiring filmmakers who created original short films using the same brief six-line dialogue.  This year’s dialogue was: “What is that?  It’s a unicorn.  I’ve never seen one up close before.  Beautiful.  Get away, Get away.  I’m sorry.”

Porcelain Unicorn is a historical drama, which begins with an elderly man who is struggling with memories of 1943 Germany, a time when he was a member of the Hitler Youth Organization.  As a 12 year-old boy, he had broken into an abandoned Jewish shop and discovered a frightened young Jewish girl trying to hide from the Nazi storm troopers.  Their brief encounter in the situation of life-threatening danger led to a shared moment of tenderness, which forged a special relationship between the two children living in war-torn Europe.

The sense of mutuality in that critical experience provided a foundation for an enduring hope in the possibility for emotional healing.  The film invokes a message that conveys a strong conviction in the power of the human spirit to triumph over the trauma of catastrophic events.

Porcelain Unicorn: The Healing Power of the Human Spirit

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