Spitzer’s Resignation: The Art of Not Admitting a Sexual Tryst

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer finally announced his resignation, although it came two days after it had first been expected.  However, in a short press conference on Wednesday morning, it did eventually come.  Spitzer had been the center of enormous controversy and media attention ever since The New York Times first reported on Monday that he was a client of a prostitution ring that had recently been raided by federal authorities.

Federal prosecutors are reportedly considering charges against Spitzer himself.  The delay in his resignation may have been due to negotiations between Spitzer and the prosecutors, since a resignation from public office is often used as a major bargaining chip in such cases.   Spitzer made only a short, somewhat vague statement and he took no questions.  He looked weary and haggard, as his wife, Silda Wall Spitzer, stood at his side.

Of course, the purposeful and evasive vagueness about the issue of sexual misconduct in Spitzer’s resignation statement follows in a long tradition of creative confessions of forbidden sexual rendezvous, including those made in the past by Bill Clinton, Sen. Larry Craig, the evangelical preacher Ted Haggard and Kobe Bryant.

Governor Spitzer Finally Announces His Resignation

The Art of Fessing Up

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Larry Craig (NOT GAY-R) Releases Music Video: “Toe Tappin’ with the Village People”

Yes, it’s true folks. That toe-tapping menace Larry (Not Gay) Craig, former star of Brokeback Bathroom, now has made an astonishing debut as a musical performer in his new music video, Toe Tappin’ with the Village People. Craig’s single is already rocketing to the top of the charts. A spokesman for his recording company, Big and Even Bigger Bananas, said that they anticipate that Craig’s amazing record will soon be outselling Britney Spears Gimme More!!

Larry Craig: Toe Tappin’ with the Village People

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