Elevated Madness: Trapped by Terrifying Monsters From Both Within and Without

Elevated Madness: Trapped by Terrifying Monsters From Both Within and Without

Elevated is a phenomenal horror-thriller short film by the Canadian director Vincenzo Natali.  The  film focuses on three people who suddenly find themselves trapped in an elevator, fearing that there’s something terrible lurking outside to kill them.  They’re trapped in the box, not knowing if leaving it will be suicide, or whether help is ever coming if they stay, or whether the monster is actually inside the elevator.

A mind-bending sense of excitement and aura of sheer madness escalates in the face of increasingly unbearable feelings of claustrophobia and uncertainty, two terrifying emotions almost universal to the human condition.  Arising from this desperate situation, the film reveals the manner in which we so quickly revert to primitive states of existence when confronted by such life threatening scenarios.  When tormented by apocalyptic fears about potential disaster, the film makes explicit both our innate distrust of others and our regression to panicked devaluations of one another, especially in a world increasingly characterized by an ever-growing dependence upon technology.

Elevated Madness: Trapped by Terrifying Monsters From Both Within and Without

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The Twilight World of Solitary Loneliness: No Whisper, No Sigh

The Twilight World of Solitary Loneliness: No Whisper, No Sigh

No Whisper, No Sigh is a mysterious, deeply engrossing introspective photo-essay framed by concepts of silence, ranging from the social silence enclosing madness; to the political silence forced upon citizens living under tyranny; to the most personal of silences, the intense wish to express oneself and unburden the soul. The music was composed for this piece by a Finnish collective ensemble.

The Twilight World of Solitary Loneliness: No Whisper, No Sigh

Slide Show: The Twilight World of Solitary Loneliness/No Whisper, No Sigh

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Madness: Tricked and Twisted

Madness: Tricked and Twisted

Twisted: A Balloonamentary

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The Articles from Friday, October 26, 2007

Quoted: This is a rare filmclip of the reunion of the original Dreamgirls, Sheryl Lee, Loretta Devine and Jennifer Holliday at the AIDS benefit Divas Simply Singing, which was held on on October 6th in Los Angeles. It is said to be only Miss Holliday’s second appearance in 17 years. The crowd welcomed Ms. Holliday (voice slightly diminished, but still

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“Photos of the Day: Pay Per View.” These are very colorful photographs, accompanied by a delightful animated music video. Take a look and enjoy!!

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“Photo of the Day: Madness and Love.” This is an engrossing, dark-toned photograph presented for you in high-resolution. The photograph is accompanied by a post-modern, animated music video titled “Go Mad.”

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Photo of the Day: Madness and Love

Visions of Silence

The images in the video photo-gallery presented below are conceptualizations of silence: the silence surrounding madness, the political silence enforced upon citizens by totalitarian regimes and dictatorships, and the intensely personal silence that is bound up with the burning desire to express oneself and unburden one’s soul.

Images of Silence: A Video Photo-Gallery

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