Up There: An Homage to Sky High Billboard Artists

Up There: An Homage to Sky High Billboard Artists

Up There is a remarkable short film by Malcolm Murray, a documentary about a group of billboard artists as they hand-painted renditions of each stage of a “nine-step” Belgian pouring ritual high up in the sky.  The film captures a bunch of men who aren’t used to being noticed, let alone recognized for their work, but thanks to Murray’s wonderful camera work, we’re able to get up close and personal with them without feeling like intruders in their space.

Scaling brownstones, tenement buildings and skyscrapers across New York City, these men are from a bygone era, relics left over from a different time and, for all intents and purposes, a different world.  This film, no matter what the pretense or who paid for it, pays homage to a dying art form.  Up There documents what could be the last days of a great American institution, and one of the last remnants of the old New York.

Up There: An Homage to Sky High Billboard Artists

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