Photos of the Day: The Personal Mythology of Intimate Showers

Photos of the Day: The Personal Mythology of Intimate Showers

Photography by:  Manjari Sharma, NYC

The Shower Series (Paani) is a remarkable series of photographs by Manjari Sharma, who was born in Mumbai, India, and now lives in New York City.  The photographs offer up both intimate and awesome perspectives on a basic human need.  Over a period of months, Sharma invited people to visit her apartment and photographed them in a very intimate space, her shower.  Bathing is an ordinary routine for most of us, but Manjari Sharma’s shower became more than a place for a daily lather and rinse.  It became a confessional, a temple, and, for believers, an incarnation of the river Ganges.

As Sharma describes it, “The walls that somehow surround us and restrict us came down in the shower and made people say some very personal things about their life to me.  In my artist statement, I attribute it to the intimacy of standing in the same bathtub, the washing down of the water, and the shower thereby transforming into a confessional.  In some ways every time we take a shower and indulge in the act of shedding, pouring, coming undone, cleansing, we partake in renewing ourselves.”

The Ganges: A River of Life (Music Video)

Slide Show: The Personal Mythology of Intimate Showers

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