The Sun City Picture House: Hollywood Comes to Haiti

The Sun City Picture House: Hollywood Comes to Haiti

Sun City Picture House is a very engaging documentary short film by David Darg and Bryn Mooser.  After the devastating earthquake rocked Haiti last year, food and medical aid poured into the island country, but in the months that followed a pair of Hollywood actresses and their friends had another idea.  They wanted to build a movie theater.  Maria Bello, who starred in the Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups, and Tron actress Olivia Wilde, have documented the efforts of the group of people that brought the theater to life in this new, documentary short.

The documentary, Sun City Picture House, focuses on Haitian aid worker Raphael Louigene, whose dream was to build a movie theater, and the two American aid workers who helped him realize that dream by constructing it in just four days: Bryn Mooser from Artists for Peace and Justice, and Dave Darg, who works for Operation Blessing.  Mario Bello stated, “The thing that’s needed most in Haiti right now, besides the immediate relief efforts, is joy.  And that’s what this movie is about.”

This piece also includes a slide show of stunning photographs of life in Haiti’s tent cities by New York photographer Wyatt Gallery.

The Sun City Picture House: Hollywood Comes to Haiti

Tent Life in Haiti: Portraits of Dignity in the Wake of Devastation

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