Ann Coulter’s Gay Porn Boy Headed for Bigger Military Legal Problems

The Matt Sanchez Scandal Continues…

Matt Sanchez and Ann Coulter

Matt Sanchez and Michelle Malkin

A tip today from Bloggernista about Matt Sanchez, the favorite gay ex-porn star of the Conservative Party Action Committee (which earlier this year had awarded him the Jeanne Kirkpatrick Academic Freedom Award) and of conservative homophobe Ann Coulter:

“Ann Coulter’s favorite ex-gay porn performer may be in big trouble.”

For background on this story, here’s more from Bloggernista:

“I don’t often post about things related to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, but this press release is pretty damn good.  Its in reference to Matt Sanchez, former gay porn star who was an award winner at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference.  Some of you out there may know Sanchez as very well-endowed porn star Rod Majors.”

If you haven’t heard about the drama, check out the MSNBC coverage of the issue:

“Rod Majors” aka Matt Sanchez

Matt Sanchez: Conservative Political Action Committee Honoree

And to Sanchez being interviewed by Alan Colmes of Hannity & Colmes:

Alan Colmes of Hannity & Colmes interviewed Sanchez on his radio show.  Sanchez claimed, among other things, that he’s not gay, and that his male prostitution clients weren’t gay either.  He also said that he hadn’t done gay porn or prostitution in 15 years.  Needless to say, as the interview progressed Sanchez became increasingly confused as Colmes caught him in his lies over and over again. (Audio, No Video).

Alan Colmes Radio Interview of Matt Sanchez

And here’s the Marine Corps News report that was published today, citing new charges that are being brought against Ann Coulter’s boy-toy and the darling of the influential and elite Conservative Political Action Conference:

“The Corps on Friday was slated to wrap up an investigation into allegations that a corporal in the Individual Ready Reserve who appeared in gay porn films before enlisting solicited more than $12,000 from private organizations by asking them to fund a deployment to Iraq he never made, according to e-mails from the investigating officer forwarded to Marine Corps Times.

Reserve Col. Charles Jones, a staff judge advocate called to Marine Corps Mobilization Command in Kansas City, Mo., on temporary orders that expire Saturday, informed Reserve Cpl. Matt Sanchez of the allegations against him in a March 22 e-mail that advised Sanchez of his rights.

Jones wrote that Sanchez’s participation in porn films was part of the investigation, but that two of the three allegations against him involved lying “to various people, including but not limited to, representatives of the New York City United War Veterans Council and U-Haul Corporation” about deploying to Iraq at the commandant’s request.

Specifically, you wrongfully solicited funds to support your purported deployment to Iraq” by coordinating a $300 payment from the UWVC and $12,000 from U-Haul, Jones wrote.

In an interview Thursday with Marine Corps Times, Sanchez said the fund-raising allegations are “demonstrably false” and that he never collected money from either organization.

Sanchez, 36, recently admitted to appearing in such films as “Man to Men” and “Jawbreaker” in the early 1990s under the name Rod Majors after liberal bloggers identified him from photos taken at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., during the first week of March.

In a March letter addressed to MobCom commander Brig. Gen. Darrell Moore, who will ultimately decide what to do with Jones’ investigation, Sanchez said he’s never done anything to bring dishonor on the Corps since enlisting and that “my past is behind me.” [No pun intended]

The Marine Corps is a conversion experience, what men were before they joined is not as important as what they become,” Sanchez wrote.

Sanchez has risen to prominence in recent months after accusing other students at Columbia University, where he is also a student, of publicly ridiculing him for serving in the military.  They have also posted signs of him around campus as part of an anti-war campaign.

Sanchez wrote columns for newspapers, including Marine Corps Times, explaining his side of the Columbia dispute.  He also appeared at the conservative conference in Washington, where he was embraced by right-wing personalities.  Shortly after that appearance, news of his gay porn past came to light.”

An excellent review of the events leading up to the most recent one being reported on here was written by Max Blumenthal for The Huffington Post.

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