We’ve Got Some Very, Very Bad News!

We’ve Got Some Very, Very Bad News!

Bad News is a remarkable animated short film created by Bastian Böhm and Nico Uthe.  The film has been named to the Guggenheim Museum’s shortlist for its YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video contest, which has generated some 23,000 submissions since it began in June.

The viewer is confronted by headlines proclaiming the end of the world, reports of terrible financial crises and fears of an impending apocalypse.  Bad News presents the viewer with a question about what kinds of consequences could be caused by sensational news reports, to what extent does mass-media become a form of catastrophic self-fulfilling prophecy.

We’ve Got Some Very, Very Bad News!

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Mindtrip: The Strange Adventures of a Curious Brain

Mindtrip: The Strange Adventures of a Curious Brain

Mindtrip is an amusing, but truly demented three-minute animated short film by the Spanish filmmaker dmente.  The film could be viewed as the filmmaker’s visual response to questions about the nature of inspiration and/or creativity.  At any rate, Mindtrip is a darkly humorous, amazing, mind-tripping digital collage.

Mindtrip: The Strange Adventures of a Curious Brain

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And to You Whoopi Goldberg, Bravo!!

As most people probably know by now, Sunday night’s Academy Awards ceremony featured many montages, one of which was described as a “montage of Oscar hosts” when it was introduced by George Clooney. The retrospective montage of past hosts included a moment of almost every host in the show’s history. But there was one host who was not included in that montage, the 4-time host and Academy Awards winner Whoopi Goldberg.

On Monday’s airing of the ABC television program The View, the subject was discussed ad nauseam by the “chatting-heads”, and Whoopi’s feelings of disappointment about the omission were abundantly and painfully clear. The other co-hosts spoke of Whoopi’s many historical milestones related to the ceremony: she was the first female Oscar host, the first Oscar winner to host, and only the second African-American woman to ever win an Oscar. Up until now, most writers about that particular program have described it simply in terms of how displeased the co-hosts were with the slight.

However, there is a different, possibly more plausible perspective on what actually took place Monday on The View. Consider that not only does Whoopi have to suffer the daily indignity of being reduced to just another “chatting-head” on The View, but also that her co-hosts insisted upon going on and on, in front of millions of American people, rubbing in the fact that the Oscar winning actress and Oscar hosting actress had not been shown in one of the montages on Sunday night. Dumb and dumberer Elisabeth Hasselbeck babbled on and on about how it must feel so terrible to be so slighted. Placing a cherry atop the poison pudding, the ever-duplicitous Barbara Walters unwittingly asserted that nothing Whoopi had ever done at the Oscars was really a Great Moment.

Whoopi just sat there, looking unbelievably miserable, trying to collect the remaining shards of her dignity that were being scattered around the set. When the others just wouldn’t stop, Whoopi quietly got up and gave each of them “the kiss of death” just to shut their mouths, briefly weeping when she got behind Barbara Walters.

Update: On Tuesday, the producer of the Oscar awards show apologized to Whoopi for leaving her out. The View should be interesting to watch tomorrow.

George Clooney: The Oscar Montage of Hosts

The View: Sadly Embarrassing Moments

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Lists, Lists, Lists: CNET Publishes Its Top 100 Blog List

CNET Publishes Blog 100 List

With more than 14 million blogs in existence and another 80,000 being created each day, how is a person supposed to find the ones that are worth reading? That’s the question that CNET says it’s trying to help answer by publishing its first Blog 100 list.


Cutting Edge

Digital lifestyle

Law, Politics

Mac Nation

Open Source

Search, Media

Security, Threats


Tech Business

Web Culture

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Stephen Wiltshire: A Marvelous Gift

Stephen Wiltshire: A Marvelous Gift

Stephen Wiltshire: Architectural Drawing

Yesterday, I was thinking of an adolescent young man (diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome) with whom I work and about how richly human and brilliant he is.  At the same time, I reminisced about how reciprocally warm and affectionate our relationship has been during the time we have known each other.

Later that night, thoughts about Steven Wiltshire (born 1974) came to mind.  Wiltshire is an accomplished architectural artist who has been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder.  Wiltshire’s work has been the subject of many television documentaries; neurologist Oliver Sacks praised his artistic work in the chapter ‘Prodigies” in his book “An Anthropologist on Mars.

Stephen Wiltshire’s published art books have included “Cities” (1989), “Floating Cities” (1991) and “Stephen Wiltshire’s American Dream” (1993).

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