Mindplotter: Dueling States of Hardcore Metallic Brutality vs. Peaceful Inspiration

Mindplotter: Dueling States of Hardcore Metallic Brutality vs. Peaceful Inspiration

Mindplotter (2007) is a 1/2 min. hardcore animated motion design short film by Directors Ilija Brunck, Jan Bitzera and Tom Weber, with sound/music by dAdA iNN and Roman Jungblut. Mindplotter received an Honorary Mention Award at the 2008 Ars Electronica. The directors are part of the Polynoid collaborative of digital workers; other animated short films by Polynoid filmmakers reviewed and posted here previously have included: Jangwa! (2005), 458nm (2006) and FlapFlap (2009).

Of special note is the acclaimed animated motion graphic short film 458nm, which has received more than thirteen awards at international film festivals. 458nm has been described as one of the most darkly savage films, both literally and figuratively, ever seen in any extra-terrestrial movie. The action in 458nm is performed by two biochemical snails who have dual characteristics: they are authentically organic in their behavior, but mechanical in their appearance. Seen from his perspective, Mindplotter is a precursor to 458nm, a harbinger of the aggressively dark, hardcore approach in some modern motion design films.

The directors describe Mindplotter as a symbol for what they believe is the essence of the creative process for every filmmaker in the field of animation. For them, the act of emerging creativity involves being able to switch between two stages, inspiration and creation. In Mindplotter emerging creativity is portrayed as both organic and mechanical, soft and hard, relaxed in the inspirational state of mind and brutal in the act of plotting and carrying out new artistic ideas. In the film, creativity is represented as the duality and interpenetration of internal and outer worlds, consisting of both the beauty of a sea creature and the menacing violence generated by a metallic fighting machine. Mindplotter conceives of creativity as the mutual interaction of peaceful introspection with aggressive acts into the external world, violently and destructively staking its claims to artistic innovation.

However, while it professes to understand creativity as a mutually interactive duality, rather than in terms of polar opposite states, the film’s view of artistic creativity as one that aggressively establishes itself by destroying the old order of things is in fact a polarized one. Mindplotter disregards the many possibilities of more peaceful declarations of creative discovery. In this way, the film fails to pay attention to or recognize the fact that by choosing to go down one road, the course of dark and destructive aggressiveness, there were an infinite number of other paths not taken, paths that might well have turned out to be as good or even better.

Mindplotter: Dueling States of Hardcore Metallic Brutality vs. Peaceful Inspiration

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