MIT’s Technology Review Selects 2008 “Young Innovators Under 35”

MIT’s Technology Review Selects 2008 “Young Innovators Under 35”

M.I.T.’s Technology Review has just announced the selection of its TR35, the annual listing of leading young innovators. The editors of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology magazine have created this list every year since 1999 to honor young innovators whose inventions and research the editors find to be the “most exciting” in fields such as medicine, electronics and nanotechnology, among others. The selection of the 35 men and women this year, all under the age of 35, was made from a pool of more than 300 young persons who were nominated on the basis of the remarkable technologies they’ve invented and the discoveries that they’ve made so early in their careers. The selection of this year’s TR35 was made on the basis of their accomplishments as researchers, inventors or entrepreneurs.

This year’s group of young innovators is transforming everything from the cars we drive to the way we use computers, treat heart attacks, and manage e-mail. Several of them are working on ways to conserve and more efficiently produce energy, others to help us collaborate and connect; still others are taking advantage of the body’s capacity to heal itself. As they fight disease, global warming, and the complexity of life in the 21st century, the TR35 innovators aspire to truly improve the world.

Click here for a complete list of the 2008 TR35.

MIT’s Technology Review Honors 35 Young Innovators

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