Dorothea Lange: Three Mormon Towns

Dorothea Lange, Couple Seated on Porch, Gunlock, Utah, 1953

Dorothea Lange, Anne Carter Johnson, St. George, Utah, 1953

Dorothea Lange, Riley Savage, Toquerville, Utah, 1953

Dorothea Lange, Jake Jones’ Hands, Gunlock, Utah, 1953

Dorothea Lange, Horseplay, Gunlock, Utah, 1953

Dorothea Lange: Three Mormon Towns

In August 1953, renowned American photographer Dorothea Lange traveled to southern Utah where she met up with her long-time friend Ansel Adams. The two photographers spent three weeks photographing the landscape and people of Toquerville, Gunlock and St. George. Lange’s enthusiasm for her subject yielded hundreds of photographs. Thirty-five of those photographs were published as Three Mormon Towns in the September 6, 1954 issue of Life Magazine.

Dorothea Lange’s Three Mormon Towns was recently displayed in exhibition at the Brigham Young University Museum of Art. Three Mormon Towns represents a bridge between Lange’s famous Depression Era photographs and her later detailed photographic essays of the 1950s. Known for her candid and sympathetic depiction of people, Three Mormon Towns presents a study of contrasts: of old and new, of quiet villages and a growing city, of deep roots and transient highways. In this series of photographs, Lange memorialized the dignity and simplicity of agrarian life in light of post-war urbanization.

Dorothea Lange: Portraiture and Documentary Photography

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Sexy Mormon Guys on a Mission: MormonSexPosed

Men on a Mission: MormonSexPosed

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The general public is largely unaware of the selflessness and sacrifice of these missionaries. They have helped the poor, fed the hungry, built schools and homes, and provided service to many people in need. Theirs are stories that deserve to be told. While the fact that twelve young returned missionaries are posing shirtless will certainly raise eyebrows, it may also help to sort out some common misconceptions of Mormons by celebrating the beautiful bodies, great looks and amazing stories of service of these deeply spiritual men. Intended to be a light-hearted spin on a social taboo, The Men on a Mission Calendar is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of the selfless servitude of missionaries.

The Men on a Mission Calendar will benefit a variety of worthy causes. Each of the twelve missionaries will have the opportunity to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the calendar to a cause in an area in which he has served. Some of the charities supported will include Care For Life, The Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity.

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Sexy Mormons on a Mission: MormonSexPosed

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