Little Dinosaurs: A Fight Against Tyranny

The Little Dinosaurs: A Fight Against Tyranny

Little Dinosaurs is an acclaimed one-minute animated short-film that was a Regional Winner in the 2008 British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA). In addition, the film is presently a Short-Listed Finalist in The 2008 National Virgin Media Shorts (UK) film competition, with the winning short-film to be announced at a gala awards ceremony to be held in London on September 29th, 2008.

In Little Dinosaurs, a five-year-old boy discusses how a group of small dinosaurs can stop a big dinosaur from picking on them. The film captures the boy’s excitement and involvement as it presents a view of bullying through the eyes of a child. Technically, the film engages the narrative in a creatively original way. The little dinosaurs in the film are not talking, but rather they’re reacting to what the boy says. It’s as though the viewer can literally see what the young boy is imagining. The little dinosaurs actually look to the camera from time to time, as if they are waiting to hear what the boy says next so that they can know what to do.

Little Dinosaurs is an elegantly simple animated film, which within a time-frame of 60-seconds addresses important contemporary social issues at both practical and global levels. First, it speaks to the issue of bullying, which is currently a major concern for schools and communities in many countries. Secondly, it evokes thoughts about children being able to work together and and about unity. Finally, Little Dinosaurs’ narrative can be abstracted to a global level, in particular to thoughts about the daunting present-day struggles to confront terrorism and tyranny, declaring that, “If we don’t unite against tyranny, we will all be slaves to fear.”

Little Dinosaurs: A Fight Against Tyranny

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