Epiphany: Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

Epiphany: Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

The New York Times reported today that Former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president on Sunday morning, calling him a “transformational figure” who has reached out to all Americans with an inclusive campaign and displayed “a steadiness, an intellectual curiosity” and “a depth of knowledge” in his approach to the nation’s problems. The endorsement, on the NBC public-affairs program Meet the Press, was a major blow to Senator John McCain. In offering his endorsement, Mr. Powell became the highest-profile Republican to add his support to the Democratic ticket. Although he told Mr. Brokaw that he would not campaign for Mr. Obama in the final two weeks of the race, he did not rule out accepting an appointment in an Obama administration, whether it were a formal position or a more advisory role.

In a response to Colin Powell’s endorsement, Sen. Obama stated that Powell would have a role as a top presidential adviser in an Obama administration. “He will have a role as one of my advisers,” Barack Obama said on NBC’s Today in an interview that aired on Monday. “Whether he wants to take a formal role, whether that’s a good fit for him, is something we’d have to discuss,” Obama said.

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Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

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