Barack ‘n’ Roll: Scores Huge Victories in the Potomac Primaries

Senator Obama Rolls to Victory in the Potomac Primaries

Barack Obama: Hope Changes Everything

Senator Barack Obama rolled to victory over Hillary Clinton by wide margins in the Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia elections on Tuesday. He won the District of Columbia by a margin of 75% to 24%, Maryland by 60% to 36% and Virginia by 64% to 35%. His resounding sweep of the Potomac Primaries extends his winning streak over Clinton to eight presidential nomination contests since last Saturday.

In Tuesday’s competition, Senator Obama showed impressive strength not only among the groups that have backed him in previous contests, but also among older voters, women, lower-income persons and white men.

In his passionate victory speech, an elated Obama rallied an ecstatic crowd of more than 16,000, declaring “we’re on our way,” but he warned that the job of bringing about fundamental change in Washington was far from done. “We know it takes more than one night, or even one election, to overcome decades of money and the influence, bitter partisanship and petty bickering that’s shut you out, let you down and told you to settle,” he said. Obama went on to pronounce that, “This is the new American majority. This is what change looks like when it comes from the bottom up.”

Obama’s Speech after His Potomac Primary Victories

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Senator Obama Sweeps the Potomac Primaries

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