That Sticky Candy: Subverting Conventional Stereotypes of Gay Identity

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That Sticky Candy: Subverting Conventional Stereotypes of Gay Identity

Figurative Art by:  Scott Hunt, NYC

That Sticky Candy is a series of figurative art pieces by Scott Hunt, an artist whose work has been exhibited internationally and whose art is part of the permanent collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.  These charcoal and pastel drawings take their inspiration from 1940s and 50s photography; they present and subvert conventional perceptions of gay identity.  Hunt tackles the theme of homosexuality without the demure or closeted strategies often associated with gay subject matter in art.  In doing so, one discovers that his direct approach to homosexuality and gay male sexuality in visual art is, in a way, surreal as well.

For Hunt, the title of this series refers to a metaphor that speaks about how something that one might crave and be pleasured by can become messy and constricting.  In particular, gay men have been yoked to the  idea that they are hypersexual beings, and in this work Hunt attempts to point out how limiting that is, that a gay identity is infinitely more complex and broad than that.

A Slide Show: That Sticky Candy/Subverting Conventional Stereotypes of Gay Identity

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