Opsin: An Inspiring, Simple and Powerful Piece of Urban Visual Poetry

Opsin: An Inspiring, Simple and Powerful Piece of Urban Visual Poetry

Opsin is the new beautifully shot, pristine monotone short film/music video by Ivan Villafuerte, an inspiring and powerful piece of urban visual poetry. It can be viewed as a follow-up to Villafuerte’s Destello, a magnificent tribute to the city of Chicago that allowed us to rediscover the beauty of images that we have before us in everyday life.

Villafuerte is a Chicago-based videographer, who has been creating some great atmospheric, running visuals over the past few months. An important element in these projects has been the inclusion of progressive imaginative audio, which really precisely sets the tone of each piece. The music is combined with contrasting focus and a selective eye that captures some very unique viewpoints. Villafuerte seems to be making this imaginative and evocative style his own right now, and it’s vividly shown in an earlier short work that is also presented here, olololololololxl_l_l_l.

Opsins are trans-membrane proteins essential for the conversion of photons to biochemical processes; they can be viewed as the essential points of contact between outside reality and our interior world of visual perception and experience.  So I recommend putting them to work with the wonderful frames of these videos. And try to make sure you aren’t doing anything else when you watch them, so that you can just sit back and really enjoy the views.

Opsin: An Inspiring and Powerful Piece of Urban Visual Poetry

olololololololxl_l_l_l: An Imaginative and Evocative Visual Art Piece

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