Paper View: Amazing Holiday Fireworks Animation!

Paper View: Amazing Holiday Fireworks Animation!

Pay-Per-View, But Free for You: Amazing Holiday Fireworks!

This is an animated short-short created in celebration of the Holidays. It’s a cinematic confetti of fireworks (all the little paper dots, dashes and slashes were cut from paint sample chips), with synchronous classical music, hissing rockets and little explosions. It’s a fun-fun short-short!!

Paper View: Amazing Holiday Fireworks

Animation by: Jeff Scher

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The Articles from Friday, October 26, 2007

Quoted: This is a rare filmclip of the reunion of the original Dreamgirls, Sheryl Lee, Loretta Devine and Jennifer Holliday at the AIDS benefit Divas Simply Singing, which was held on on October 6th in Los Angeles. It is said to be only Miss Holliday’s second appearance in 17 years. The crowd welcomed Ms. Holliday (voice slightly diminished, but still

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“Photos of the Day: Pay Per View.” These are very colorful photographs, accompanied by a delightful animated music video. Take a look and enjoy!!

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“Photo of the Day: Madness and Love.” This is an engrossing, dark-toned photograph presented for you in high-resolution. The photograph is accompanied by a post-modern, animated music video titled “Go Mad.”

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Photos of the Day: Pay Per View

Photos of the Day: Pay Per View

Pay Per View: Paper View

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