Five Shots of Scrooge’s Anti-Christmas Bah, Humbug!

Five Shots of Scrooge’s Anti-Christmas Bah, Humbug!

This is a group of five nine-second animated short films on the topic of Christmas that was created by Treat Studios, a London-based collective of young animators.  The general theme of the animated shorts was to surprise people with something really Anti-Christmas, and to transform something boring into something amazing.  The films are really fun to watch and will surely provide you with much merriment!

The Christmas Trees

Santa’s Little Workshop

The Pole Dancer

The Reindeer

The Christmas Carol Singers

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Hot, Sexy Babes Return for Their Smashing Pole Dance Routines!!

Ouch!! This One’s Going to Hurt. A Lot.

Hot, Sexy Babes Return for Their Smashing Pole Dance Routine!!

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Articles from Friday, October 05, 2007

Some political commentators are noticing Obama’s capacity to deeply engage in contemplative observation and introspection. This kind of thoughtfulness anchors political action in core decency and hope through reflection about the details of the underlying issues. This is what is needed to shatter The Trance, the current air of political inevitability.

Photographs of Barack Obama by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz are included.

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“Photo of the Day: Heavenly Stoner Toes.” What we have here is a photograph of some stoners’ absolutely beautiful, heavenly, divine, sexy toes. Someone needs to make a bronze cast of these gorgeous, luscious pinkies!!

Presented for you here in stunning high-resolution. Enjoy!!

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When charged in an airport men’s room gay sex sting, Sen. Larry Craig said that he’d resign on Sept. 30. Then Craig said that he’d stay in office pending an appeal. The Minnesota judge rejected Craig’s appeal, but now Craig says that he’ll stay in the Senate anyway!!

This article includes a detailed description of the the events, photos and videos.

[tags: Senator Larry Craig, Craig refuses to resign, politics, sex, gay, photographs, videos]

“Britney Spears Performs “Gimme More” with Godawful Stripper Pole Action.” Or one might say, godawful stripper pole action galore. Or godawful stripper pole action galore, and not really much more. Don’t believe me? Then please take a look for yourself!

The posting includes Britney stripper pole dancing photographs and the music video.

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Britney Spears Performs “Gimme More” with Godawful Stripper Pole Action

Britney Spears: Sings Gimme More, while Playing with Her Stripper Pole

Anonymous Pole Dancer

Interactive Britney Pole Dance at London’s Madame Toussads

Britney Spears: Singing Gimme More, Playing with Her Stripper Pole

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