Barack Obama: American Stories, American Solutions

Barack Obama: American Stories, American Solutions

Barack Obama: American Stories, American Solutions

Later Tonight: Pres. Clinton Campaigned with Obama in Florida

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Photo of the Day: The Clintons with Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Photo of the Day: President Clinton with The Rev. Jeremiah Wright

The recent coverage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright has often described him as a marginal, almost fringe figure, but Trinity Church is a major Chicago institution, and Wright has long been a prominent pastor on the American scene. This is a photograph of Jeremeiah Wright and President Clinton, which was taken on September 11, 1998, the date of a White House gathering for religious leaders. Hillary Clinton, according to her recently-released schedule for that day, was present at the gathering. At that White House meeting for religious leaders, President Clinton told the assembled clerics, at the depth of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, that he had “repented.”

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