The Royal Wedding: William and Kate

The Royal Wedding: William and Kate

The most anticipated wedding of the year has come and gone. Prince William and Kate Middleton are officially a married couple. In a beautiful ceremony in Westminster Abbey among world leaders and close friends, the couple exchanged vows. After the ceremony, the couple made their way to Buckingham Palace where they shared the much-anticipated kiss. Following a ceremony hosted by the Queen in Buckingham Palace, the couple drove off in an Aston Martin with Prince William in the driver’s seat. While at Buckingham Palace, William and Kate posed for official photographs with their families.

Friday’s Royal Wedding may not have ushered in a new dawn for the royal family, but it certainly proved that the British still know how to combine pageantry, solemnity and romance better than anyone else in the world. Carrying on the royal tradition of taking a title upon marriage, Prince William and Kate Middleton became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The title dates back to the early 18th century during the Stuart rule, and the title has been extinct since 1981 when the last Duke of Cambridge died without an heir. The Queen also gave William the titles of Earl of Strathearn and Baron Carrickfergus, titles which Kate also came into when they were married.

Viewers can read more about The Royal Wedding in The New York Times here.

The Royal Wedding in 60 Seconds

The Royal Wedding Vows

The Royal Wedding: William and Kate Kiss on the Balcony

Slide Show: The Royal Wedding of William and Kate

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The Royal Wedding: Grand Pomp and Circumstance

The Royal Wedding: Grand Pomp and Circumstance

The Royal Wedding is a short film documenting the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, as interpreted by the royal popsicle-stick finger puppets. What you will see in this short film is exactly what millions of people from all around the world will be watching tomorrow when Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the royal knot. All the pomp and circumstance! All the drama and all the British accents! Just watch!!

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The Royal Wedding: Grand Pomp and Circumstance

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The Megalomaniacal Matt Drudge Endangered Prince Harry’s Life

Matt Drudge Causes Abrupt Withdrawal of Prince Harry from Afghanistan

This morning, Prince Harry was quickly sent back to England from Afghanistan. While his commanders have mostly chosen to blame the “foreign media” in general, it’s very clear to everyone that it was really The Drudge Report that created the tremendous security risk for Prince Harry, as well as for the others who were serving in his military unit.

The megalomaniacal Matt Drudge had boastfully unveiled a self-congratulatory double-decker banner on Thursday, but by today British newspapers have raised many questions about what Drudge did, such as: Why did he blow Harry’s cover? Would he have done the same if it were the children of President Bush or Senator Hillary Clinton? What took him so long? (The secret had been kept safe for 10 weeks).

Neil Wallis, Executive Editor of News of the World, slammed Mr. Drudge for the “cheap shot,” considering all the publications that did obey the embargo, including his own. “Any number of newspapers or broadcasters in this country could have claimed that as far back as December,” he said.

Prince Harry Returning Home for Security Reasons

Interested viewers can read more about how Drudge’s actions endangered Prince Harry’s life in The New York Times, here.

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