Federal Judge Strikes Down California’s Proposition 8: Ruling Recognizes Gay Marriage

Federal Judge Strikes Down Proposition 8: Ruling Recognizes Gay Marriage

A federal judge in San Francisco struck down California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage on Wednesday, stating that it discriminates against gay men and women.  The ruling hands supporters of such unions at least a temporary victory in a legal battle that seems all but certain to be settled by the Supreme Court.

Wednesday’s decision is just the latest chapter in what has been a long battle over the ban, Proposition 8, which was passed in 2008.  But on Wednesday, the ruling provided fresh new winds behind those who feel that marriage is not, as the voters of California and many other states have claimed, solely the province of a man and a woman.

Proposition 8 cannot withstand any level of scrutiny under the Equal Protection Clause,” wrote Judge Vaughn R. Walker.  “Excluding same-sex couples from marriage is simply not rationally related to a legitimate state interest.”  The very existence of a federal court ruling recognizing same-sex marriage in California, the nation’s most populous state, set off cheers of “We won!” from the large crowds gathered in front of the courthouse in San Francisco.  Evening rallies and celebrations were planned in dozens of cities across the state and several across the nation.

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