The Gay Village: A Summer of Excitement, Cool Music and Transgressions

The Gay Village: A Summer of Excitement, Cool music and Transgressions

Everyone here’s gay.
What else could I write?
I don’t have the right.

The Gay Village is a short film (with music) directed by Daniele Napolitano at Cut Studios, promoting Rome’s Gay Village Summer Events.  The Gay Village has just settled in for a whole summer of excitement, cool music and transgressions.  Got some fetish?  ‘Cause there’s a lot in here.  Just step in and don’t feel ashamed of enjoying (or of not enjoying).

The Gay Village: A Summer of Excitement, Cool music and Transgressions

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Notte Sento: Quiet Feelings of Love in the Night

Notte Sento: Quiet Feelings of Love in the Night

Notte Sento is a romantic stop-motion short film by the Italian director, Daniele Napolitano. This remarkable, tender short film was created from more than 4,500 still photographs. A young woman, who happens to be deaf, finds herself stranded after missing her train to Milan. She’s faced with a long overnight wait, all alone in Rome until dawn. However, a chance encounter with a young man changes her plans, and the sparkling night lights of Rome’s evening darkness are transformed into the background for a tender love story. An extraordinary chemistry comprised of mutually eloquent glances and modest gestures finally closes the emotional barriers that initially had separated them, just as the dark night turns into a beautiful sunrise.

Notte Sento: Quiet Feelings of Love in the Night

Slide Show: Notte Sento/Quiet Feelings of Love in the Night

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Photo of the Day: Heavenly Stoner Toes

Articles from Tuesday, October 02, 2007

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“Bruce Springsteen: The Streets of Philadelphia.” Lest We Forget: Will We Leave Each Other Alone Like This?

This posting includes classic photographs of Bruce Springsteen by Annie Leibovitz, as well as the official Springsteen music video of “The Streets of Philadelphia.”

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Photo of the Day: Roman Performance Trash

Sexy Roman Priests: Calendar Guys

The 2007 Roman Priests Calendar




In the 2007 Roman Priests Calendar, twelve young priests join the ranks of housewives and porn stars in posing for a glossy calendar, albeit somberly dressed in long, dark robes and broad-rimmed, traditional hats. Roman priests photographed standing in front of famous Rome landmarks were first featured in Calendario Romano 2004, which aimed to promote tourism in the Italian capital.

I usually photographed gondoliers for Venetian calendars, but this time I wanted to do something Roman, and what better than priests?” the photographer Piero Pazzi said of his work, which is not an official Vatican publication. Critics have said the pictures are inappropriate because people will inevitably compare the priests to the naked pin-ups commonly associated with Italian calendars. They also complain that the profits are not going to charity.

The priests are young and good looking, but that doesn’t make them sex symbols. That depends on the imagination of the viewer,” Pazzi said at the time of publication of his original 2004 calendar.


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